When you walk out of your first casting feeling GREAT.  

I’m not sure if I got it but I thought it went really well! There were only two people in the room, a hairdresser, and a guy who took notes, and they kind of just told me about the project they are working on and asked me some questions about my hair. They’re creating a video and print campaign for a new color, so basically if I got the job I would be dyeing my hair and cutting it.  They asked how many inches I would cut off my hair and I said 2… I think that’s just enough to make a difference but short enough to keep my long hair! The color they would dye it is a very pretty mixed blonde with brunette, very similar to what I have now but more blonde towards the top and underneath.

We will see if I get it!  The shoot is on Tuesday so I should know within the next couple of days.  I’ll definitely let you guys know 🙂 I documented it all on Instagram stories, so add me @hannamontazami and see it all on there!

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