MONDAY.  I love the feeling of getting back on track.  Resetting after a relaxing weekend.  Working out after a few days of bad eating.

Speaking of bad eating, I gained almost 5 pounds over the course of three days haha.  I step on the scale almost every morning (something I’ve always liked to do because it’s my way of keeping my diet / exercise in check) and today my jaw actually dropped when I looked down because I was so surprised.

I definitely don’t take my weight too seriously but I know what weight range I feel my best in.  Might I add I ate so bad this weekend so I’m not THAT shocked haha.  In-N-Out and tons of Mexican food will certainly do the trick.

I’m just going to eat my regular healthy diet and exercise a little extra this week :)

This morning Austin and I ran from his place in Marina Del Rey to the Venice Beach pier.  I did the same run yesterday evening after the In-N-Out feast and I just loved it so I really wanted to take him with me today.

It felt great to have fresh air and explore more of Venice by foot.  One of the main reasons I want to move to Venice in July is to be able to just go on a run, or a bike ride, and have that community feeling that I’ve missed out on living in Playa del Rey.

On another note, we’re still waiting to hear back from one more law school that Austin applied to, and then he will make the big decision!

So far he’s gotten into Loyola Law School (downtown LA) and Pepperdine Law School (Malibu) and a few other ones.  He’s still waiting to hear back from Fordham, which is in New York and is ranked decently higher than Pepperdine and Loyola.

If he got into Fordham he definitely has a lot to think about. It does mean moving across the country but it is a higher-ranked law school.  We will see… there is no need to stress about it until we hear back.

I would obviously love if he stays in LA but it’s not really up to me! But for now, it’s all a waiting game…

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