Eghhhh so I have a nasty rash on both of my thumbs.  It appeared last week and started off as just an itchy, irritated area that turned into a bumpy red rash that burned and itched off and on.  I started to freak out once I realized it wasn’t going away.  I thought it was just a bad reaction to a new thumb ring that I started wearing, but once it appeared on my other thumb, I realized that hypothesis was unlikely.  And I’ve worn that ring before with no issues.  So I went to my dermatologist yesterday (begged the receptionist on the phone to give me an appointment that same day) and I found out the cause of this seriously annoying rash.


Freakin’ limes and the sunshine.

Thank you Coachella! Thank you tequila shots!

After taking a look at my hands, my dermatologist asked if I had been squeezing any lemons or limes lately, which obviously was a big YEAH.  His second question, ”were you in the sun immediately after?” welp, YEAH.

^^dramatic photo of limes

The medical term for it is phytophoto dermatitis.

The thing is…. this happened to one of Austin’s sisters before so I knew to be careful with limes when I was in the sun.  Well now I realize it’s the way I washed my hands after squeezing my limes.  I did the wimpy ”tips of the fingers” hand rinse instead of a good clean wash.  The result?  Lime juice residue only on my thumbs.  AND plot twist, the area where the rash is really bad is right where my thumb ring was, so the lime juice must’ve gotten stuck underneath my ring for the whole day at Coachella in the hot hot sun.

So moral of the story: wash your hands after taking tequila shots/squeezing limes or lemons (and weirdly parsnips) and wash ‘em GOOD.

Now I’m stuck applying greasy ointment on the affected area 4 times a day, until it goes away.  Once it goes away, brown spots will remain ”for a long time” (in the words of my dermatologist). Yay.

Learn from my mistake, especially now that summer season is upon us and it could happen to anyone!

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