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As a blogger I get a lot of questions about anything and everything across the board, from makeup to my travels to my everyday life, but one question I see time and time again is HOW DO I BECOME A BLOGGER?!  Well not really but I get asked if I have any tips for beginner bloggers or girls who are kinda sorta on the fence about starting a blog but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. And the answer is YES.  I got tips and I’m here to share them.

So if you’ve just dipped your toes in the whole blogging world or if you’re still on the fence but haven’t quite decided yet, this post is for you.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is DO NOT be intimidated by the amount of bloggers in this world, and don’t think of yourself as ”just another blogger” because if you think that, why wouldn’t everyone else?  The key is to be confident about what you’re doing and let people know who you are and what you’re trying to do.

Side note: Everyone’s doing every job, so blogging is not the only field that has a ton of people trying to be a part of it.

Don’t be intimidated by the overwhelming amount of people who want to be bloggers.  If you’re dedicated and passionate about it, you’ll find your way 🙂

One tip I have is to

be organized.

Before you do anything make a chart of what topics and categories you mainly want to cover on your blog, and then make subcategories with different ideas.  Once you have that, start to build your website (I hear Blog Doo is really good at building cute and aesthetically pleasing blogs, but there are others too so maybe do some research on that.  Or if you know how to do it yourself then that’s even better!). I would make the design represent who you are.  And maybe come up with a cool blog name?!  Or just use your name like I do hehe.
I would write a good amount of blog posts before you mention you’re starting a blog publicly, and once you’re ready and your instagram is set up the way you want it, then make the big announcement!  Announce it everywhere you can.
And not just a ”hey I have a blog” more like a

”HEY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I’ve decided to take my love for fashion/cooking/fitness/etc. to the next level and start a blog, where I will be posting my daily looks/recipes/fitness guides/etc. for you guys to enjoy!  Please check it out and give it a read!! <3”

Step three (are we even on step 3? haha) is reaching out to brands/companies/restaurants etc. for collaborations.  But just a warning they probably will be hesitant to gift out pieces from their collection/or free meals, etc. until you have a steady following of 15-20 k on insta (this is totally a ball park guess and obviously anything can happen at any stage of your following) and a certain amount of blog readers per month.  Until then you can just be creative with whatever you have! And once you reach a certain benchmark of following you can start to monetize your posts and request fees.
Step four is consistency! Do it every day, if not 2-3 times a day.  People love a blog that stays updated.  It does get hard at times because you don’t want to dilute your blog with ”fluff” but just make sure to make every post slightly interesting to keep them coming back and wanting more.  And no matter what type of blog you’re thinking of starting, I highly recommend including writing in your posts.  They have way higher engagement than posts sans writing.
Thanks to my blog reader Alyssa for inspiring me to write this post!  You guys are the reason I love what I do and I can’t thank you guys enough.
Hope this was of help!! Best of luck to all of you that are thinking of starting a blog.  It would be so fun if you guys listed your blogs below so I can check them out!
Did I miss anything?  Yeah most likely haha.  Comment below if you thought of something that I missed.
All photos are from our recent trip to Santa Barbara in February! We stayed at the Kimpton Goodland Hotel and had so much fun horseback riding, paddle boarding, hiking, and exploring SB.
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  • Ronja Post author

    Thank you for the tips! I have a blog that I started for my family and nearest friends but I am thinking of doing it more professional and with more quality (haha it is really simple now.. ) since I have gained a lot of readers, so the tips were interesting:) Love your photos!!



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