Hot New Workout (literally)

Look at all these hot babes I worked out with last week! We tried Hot Pilates for the first time, which I never even knew existed? But it does! And I like it way more than hot yoga! I’ve been doing hot yoga off and on since high school, so I’ve tried a bunch of different studios both in LA and OC, and I haven’t liked any of those classes more than this one. It’s Pilates on a mat, and the room is heated to a comfortable temperature (this past week I went to a hot yoga class and the teacher set the temperature WAY too high that I started to get dizzy and it completely affected my workout.  I had to leave the room twice because I could barely breathe… it should not be like that!).  The temperature at Hot Pilates was perfect because it was hot enough to get you sweating but not hot enough to interfere with your workout.

We were all there for an event with Varley, which is an activewear line that all of us are wearing in the photos! They have super comfortable and cute pieces.

The best thing about the event was that we got a free month at this studio! So excited about that, especially before Coachella season haha.

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