The beautiful Bella Skirt and black and silver Moonlight choker from Montazami Brand!

Get the skirt here and the choker here

We’ve had the most beautiful blooming flowers here in California because of all of the rain we’ve had recently. I seriously can’t stop staring at all the pretty greenery around the roads when I’m driving. I’ve been used to flat, dry, and brown dirt surrounding the roads and freeways for so many years now. Austin makes fun of me because he says I’m always sayin ”look how green everything is! Look at the pretty flowers!” Haha but I just can’t help it!  I think it’s crazy how much can grow with just a little bit of rain.  The plants have been so deprived of water during our drought so they’re probably happier than ever now that it’s over. I really want to go to a huge field of flowers and take photos. Now is seriously the best time to go!

This is one of my favorite pieces from Montazami Brand, the Bella Skirt. The fit is so good! I’m wearing size Small. It has a knee length slit in the middle and it’s slightly longer in the back 🙂 Perfect for spring and summer!

Shop Montazami Brand here!

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