Put It in a Ponytail 

Hi cuties!

I just got back from a jewelry event for Wanderlust & Co, after it only took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there haha.  The LA holiday traffic is wack!  I’ll be enduring it again tomorrow because I’m working and have a photoshoot downtown, but hopefully I can get out of there before it gets too bad.

Tonight I went for a different hairstyle— ponytail!  The gold shirt I wore kind of forced me to put it up since my hair got stuck in the sequins every second haha.  For some reason I always get nervous putting my hair up or wearing a different hairstyle when I go out, but this time I got so many compliments on it! I have to venture out a little more often in the hairstyle department.  This might sound weird but I feel like my hair is in some way my security blanket. I feel ‘more safe’ with it down I guess? Am I the only one who thinks this haha… And plus my head starts to hurt when it’s up for too long because my hairs too heavy!

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