So guys, I’m turning 32!!!!!!!! Hahaha at least according to the balloons I am.  I took 20 photos with these balloons and it said ”32” in all of them 😂 Well my birthday is tomorrow and I’m actually turning 23, which is kind of a fun number?! I think it will be a good year for me, especially career wise.  A lot of fun things are on the horizon….. 🙂

I’m home in OC so I’ll be woken up here with our traditional breakfast in bed and a Happy Birthday song sung by my family.  I’m planning on going out to a restaurant for a birthday dinner together with Austin and my family.  I picked out a vegan midnight chocolate cake that I cannot waaaaait to eat.  I wish you guys could’ve seen the look on my moms face when I said I wanted a vegan cake… she just didn’t understand why I would want such a thing haha.  I think they are so much more moist than regular cakes!!!  At least the one from Urth Caffe is…. that’s basically what I’m going off of. This better be good or else it will be the last time anything vegan is sitting in our refrigerator haha.

My dad literally just opened the fridge and said ”what is this vegan chocolate cake” hahaha I can’t!!!

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