FINALLY Austin helped me install Rosetta Stone (for Swedish) on my computer!  I had it on my old computer but I installed it right before I got a new one… so it was pointless haha.  But now I have it on my new computer and I can’t wait to get started.  I think I will swish by the first few lessons since I understand a lot of Swedish already.  I think this will really help me learn how to speak Swedish because I’m a visual person, so I need to be able to see the actual words that I’m saying.  I’m going to give you guys little updates along the way, and hopefully I will be able to start writing both languages here on the blog, since I know such a big chunk of my readers are from Sweden!

It was starting to become ridiculous that I didn’t know the language of the country I am so involved with.  This could possibly open up so many business opportunities for me, establish a deeper relationship with my mormor, and give me the ability to speak to all of the wonderful people who come to Montazami Brand pop-up shops in Sweden.  Let’s do this!

Random note: don’t be afraid to leave your comments in Swedish…. I will understand it! 🙂

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