Ostbutiken i Ängelholm

Wearing: flannel from Rails, bracelets from Jane and Sophie, jeans from Bik Bok

Ängelholm made quite the first impression on me, what a cute little town! We stopped there for a few hours before we drove down to Helsingborg, so we had time to grab lunch out in the shopping center. My mormor recommended a little spot called Ostbutiken and it was by far the best meal of the trip! You could tell the ingredients were very fresh and locally sourced, which is always a huge plus for me.  We got a cheese platter, lentil and carrot soup, and a shrimp salad (best I’ve ever had, hands down) and sipped some dry rose in the sun together 🙂 It was so nice to have three generations at the table, which we don’t get very often!

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