Press Day for TV3





photos by Herman Caroan

Here’s a little glimpse of TV3 press day yesterday!  We got to see all of the new and current shows under TV3 and got the chance to meet a ton of the other TV3 personalities, take pictures, do interviews and so on.  There are so many good shows coming up that you guys will not want to miss.   My mom and Sara will be on a show called ”Mästertestarna” which is a new show where they try out new and odd inventions, like solar showers and segways, and Svenska Hollywood Fruar will be airing it’s 10th season.  You’ll get to see more of the whole family, and Austin will make a little debut haha. My mom is also on Laila Bagge’s show Rum för Dig, where they will be renovating a room of my grandma’s house.

We did some TV interviews, a little Q&A with Kändis TV, and then pictures pictures pictures.  I’ll be posting the TV interviews here on the blog once their published so you guys can see!

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