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I know from time to time I talk about certain skin products that I’m currently using, but I wanted to condense it all into one post and give you guys a peek inside my daily skincare routine.  From the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep, I’m taking care of my skin.  Some of these products I have been using for years, and some are new.  I like to keep using my favorites and trying new products at the same time.  So it goes a little something like this:


1.  wash my face (my face washes are actually not pictured here but I use a number of different ones, just depends on my mood and how my skins feeling)

2.  Apply moisturizer

3. Apply makeup (if I wear any that day)



Sometimes I just love coming home after a long day and washing my face.  When I do this, I’ll apply some jojoba oil on a freshly cleansed face and wear it throughout the day.  Or a face mask!



1.  Remove makeup with Dermalogica special cleansing gel (have been using this for years, I swear by it).  I wash twice!  Once to remove makeup, and another to cleanse the skin.

2.  On a fresh and clean face, I apply my Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil from Kiehl’s.

3.  After letting that soak in for a few minutes, I apply my overnight moisturizer.  Right now I’m using L’Oreal’s dual hydrating and illuminating overnight moisturizer and I highly recommend.

4.  I apply my LipSmart lip balm (and wake up the next morning with super hydrated, plump lips)


And that’s it!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below :)

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