SOOOO this happened.  Before two weeks ago I had no idea this even existed.  It’s called ”floating” and it’s a relaxation and de-stressing method that involves tons (TONS) of salt, water, and yourself.  It basically goes like this: you enter the zen-like studio, rinse off in the shower, and step into the tranquil-lit ”pod” (that looks like a big oyster haha) where you will float and enter into a deep relaxation period, for a total of 60 minutes.  There is so much epsom salt in the water that your body is instantly bouyant, allowing your body to relax and let go while remaining afloat.

For me, the meditation came in stages.  I first entered the pod, closed the lid, and laid there for a good five minutes just taking it all in.  A soothing blue light illuminates the pod while therapeutic music plays softly.  You have the option to turn the lights and music off at any time, so I did it when I felt it was the right time.  First with the lights, and then the music.  It was a bit weird when everything was dark and silent.  I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but after a couple of minutes I began to let my mind drift away.  That’s when all the magic happened.  Before my session, I was told that deep relaxation was found in the ”theta” state, which is the dream-like state people enter usually before they fall asleep.  I definitely entered the ”theta” state.  I’m not sure how long it lasted but before I knew it I was gently woken up by the lights signaling my session was over.  It was such an experience!!  So different than any other meditation-related thing I have ever done (like yoga).

Some of the benefits of floating:

it eases emotional and sleep disorders

relieves physical pain

enhances athletic performance

benefits creativity

Some of the immediate benefits that I experienced were: soft skin, shiny hair (it made my hair sooo shiny!!!), decreased muscle soreness, and calmness.  Overall it was a really cool experience and I would definitely do it again.

The place I went to was called Pause Float Studio in Culver City

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