BIKINI SEASON BEGINS…. let’s talk the cutest styles of the summer!

1.  High-waisted bikini bottoms…. are we doing it?  Despite seeing them basically everywhere online, I haven’t seen too many people actually wearing them on the beach.  I have mixed feelings…but I would definitely wear this tropical print one!

2.  Muted neutral colors.  HELL YES.  Because aren’t we all sick of all those obnoxiously bright colors?!  No I do not need a bright blue and green stripe print on my bathing suit at the moment.  Muted neutrals compliment a lot of skin tones and look so earthy-chic.

3.  Fun tops.  Lately I’ve been seeing more straps and strings and tassels on bikini tops and I love it!  I’d rather the top have a little more pizzazz and keep the bottoms simple.  It’s especially nice to have something interesting going on on your bikini top if you’re rather flat chested like me.  There are so many cute styles that compliment flat chested women… some of my favorites are high-neck tops, tassel detailing, front ties, and embellishments.

Here are some of my favorite picks from Nelly’s bikini selection!  You know I love to wear my basics, but I also like to spice things up with an out-there design every now and then.  I really want those mesh bikini bottoms…. they’re so cute and sporty!  Right now Nelly is offering 3 bikinis for the price of 2 with the code ”SWIMWEAR”  And summer is just around the corner….. 🙂

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