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Wearing: Downtown Crop Top from Montazami Brand here // Chiquelle bomber here // Brandy Melville jeans // Converse // Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

Touchdown Washington DC!

I’m writing to you guys with swollen hands and feet all the way from the East Coast! It’s a usual thing for me to swell up on airplanes… I swear it’s like once my flight reaches the two-hour mark, my body gives the green light to inflate all of my limbs with fluid. The worst part is when your sneakers become too tight and you have to take them off to massage your cankles… tell me I’m not the only one who suffers from this travel issue 😐

But how cute is my new Cavalet silver suitcase?! I love how it has four wheel drive because TRUST ME when I say there’s a major difference between 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. All of the not-so-light-travel-packers appreciate four wheel drive on their suitcase because 1) you’re not carrying the weight, just pushing it 2) the top of the suitcase now acts as a great platform to hold your other not-so-light carry on bag and 3) who wouldn’t wanna show up to the airport with a badass four wheel drive suitcase??

It was hard to choose a color because Cavalet offers so many cute ones but I went for the light silver because it looks classic and chic. The size is perfect too… I got the biggest size they offer and it’s still very comfortable for traveling.

I’ve partnered up with Cavalet to give you guys 25% off a suitcase with the code “Montazami” so if you’re interested in looking like a badass at the airport, it’s that much easier now 🙂

Browse Cavalet’s suitcase selection here

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