photos by [Kent Avery]

wearing: culottes by Wilfred // Urban Outfitters top here // RAYE shoes here // Strathberry bag here // Ray Ban sunnies // hand bracelet from Capwell + Co here

Time is flying faster than ever here in LA.  I leave for D.C. tomorrow and I haven’t packed one thing so the stress is definitely starting to build up.  I’m gunna wake up early and get some things done before I go to the nail salon for a fresh mani.  Am I the only one who panics if they don’t get their nails done right before a trip?  I’m gunna stick with a neutral color…. maybe a whitish-pink 🙂


Here are some photos I took yesterday with my new friend Kent Avery, a really talented photographer I just recently met.  This was my first time shooting with him and I really love the photos that came out of it.  We were talking about possibly taking a trip up to Big Sur or somewhere with a cool landscape for a photoshoot.  I think it’s about time I do a cool shoot like that, no?!

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  • Lovisa T Post author

    I’m exactly the same when it comes to the nails, HAVE to have them freshly done before a trip! 😉


  • Zoey Post author

    Hi Hanna, lovely pictures! How do you get your arms to look so silky and smooth? Do you shave them or wax them? Have a great trip!


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi Zoey! I shave my forearms and make sure to moisturize every day! I really recommend Cetaphil’s moisturizing cream here it feels like body butter and it keeps your skin super soft and moisturized all day 🙂



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