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wearing the Fresh tee from Montazami Brand here!

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday :)  I wanted to share with you guys my face mask discovery that I’m so happy about!  The line is called Petaluma & Co, and they carry a bunch of different sheet masks that are made from some of the best dermatologists in Korea.  The masks contain natural ingredients (heck, yes!) and they are each designed to target various skin problems, like wrinkles or acne.  I picked up the Radiant line of Calming, Lifting, and Moisturizing.  I also got some other fun ones like this one and this one.

Check out all of their different masks on their website here (there’s even coconut gel masks with broccoli and tomato!!!)

I tried the Lifting mask first, which is an ultra-soft, collagen infused mask that is designed to fill the fine wrinkles on the face.  I left it on for about 35 minutes (it says you should leave it on for 20-40 mins) and it felt soooo amazing.  It was heavenly.  The gel had a cooling sensation (so relaxing) and it was so soft on my skin.  I can’t wait to try another one!  It even had a cute lace design which is always a plus :)

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