Some photos from today at the gym!  

Hi guys!  Here are my answers, I think I answered almost every one haha so it is loooong.  Much love<3


Tips on building a brand?

Have a good idea, make a detailed plan, learn everything yourself (but get help where you can!), and always remember your passion.  It will definitely get hard at times, but you have to stick with it. Be open to new ideas but always remember who you are, and why you started your brand.

If someone bought you an apartment in Stockholm would you move permanently?

I would definitely live there for some months out of the year!!  Switch off between LA and Stockholm :)

How did you meet Austin?

We met at orientation day at LMU!  He was in my orientation group that consisted of 6 people… To think that we ended up in the same group out of ALL the incoming students is crazy!! Everything happens for a reason :)

What’s your best tips for a fit body?

Eat natural foods and try to exercise when you can!

How many kids would you potentially want?

Hmmm I’m thinkin 3-4 maybe?!  Haha 😛

Besides Sweden and CA, what is your favorite place?

Spain/Bahamas/Hawaii :)

Blogs I follow:

(besides my mom’s and Sara’s) Kenza, Angelica Blick, Lauryn Evarts (The Skinny Confidential)

What is your favorite song?

At the moment, I Mean It by G-Eazy and Work by Rihanna and Drake

Favorite movie?

I don’t have one!  I love movies but I rarely watch them more than once haha.

Favorite TV show?

The Office and Entourage

How many times do you work out a week?

It depends… some weeks I am good about working out and will go to the gym at least 3 times a week, but other times I might just go once, if that.

What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

Good question!  I think it’s all about keeping each other happy and laughing.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, have confidence in yourself and in your relationship.  It’s all about being with the right person!  Be with someone who brings the good side out of you, not the bad.

What’s your favorite place in US?

CA baby.

Can you tell us a little more about Montazami brand?

Anything in particular?  Read here for more info :)

Have you done anything to your lips?

Yes.  They used to be more thin, and I made the decision to get temporary lip fillers.  I love them now!

Are you a feminist?

Yes!  I totally support equality of men and women.  I’m all about standing up for women’s rights.

What are your thoughts on what’s going on in Europe atm? With the refugee crisis and the war in the middle East? Is it at all noticed in US?

It’s absolutely horrible and devastating.  It’s been a huge discussion over here in the US, especially with the presidential debates going on right now.

What lipstick do you use? Love the color!

Thanks!  I use Velvet Teddy and Whirl by Mac most of the time.

How’s it going with your clothing brand? Is it selling right away or is it tough in the very start?

It’s going great!  We are a new brand and we’ve experienced great feedback so far so I think we’re off to an amazing start.  Right now we are working on expanding our presence here in the US.

Are you and Austin planning on getting married and having kids together anytime soon? You look do perfect together!

Haha!! Not any time soon.  I’m only 22 😛

Is Emma ever interested in joining you and your sister and mom in your brand or blogging?

I hope she will be someday.  She’s still young and in school so that is her first priority.  But I hope she joins the MB team one day!

How does an ordinary day look for you?

Wakeup, answer emails, work on Montazami Brand, take pictures, blog, etc.  I travel to OC at least once a week, go to blogger events, social outings, go out with friends on weekends, normal stuff!

Dream away: how does an ordinary day in your life look like in 15 years?

Married with kiddies, living by the beach, working with Montazami Brand :)

Favorite time of the year?


We see a lot of you mom on TV, but how would you – as her daughter – describe her?

Honestly she’s even better than what you see on TV!  She is the funniest/kindest person ever and I’m always laughing with her.  Best mom award.

You have an evening alone and unplanned: what do you do?

Make a healthy dinner, watch some good TV, snack on some popcorn, do a face mask/manicure

How do you finance yourself?

Through my blog, collaborations, and modeling jobs.

How is your relationship with your family members?

Great!  I love my family.

When do we get that apartment videoblog tour? 😉

Ahhhhh I need to do this haha.  Soon?!

Which are your top favorite clothing brands?

MONTAZAMI BRAND, Zara, All Saints, Current Elliott, Pam & Gela, One Teaspoon, Rails, Alexander Wang…. I get a lot of my clothes from different brands.

What products do you use for your hair? (Maybe another everyday-hair-totorail?)

Unite 7 Seconds for my detangler, Wet Brush, and I switch up my shampoos and conditioners but it’s usually between Color Proof, Pureology, and Redken

You said that the Montazami Brand will be launching more clothes soon… have you guys thought about making a shoe collection as well or will you just do clothes?

Just clothes for now!  And yes we are launching some more things very soon so keep your eyes open!

Do you think a lot about what you eat and drink to stay in shape?

I eat healthy foods!  I don’t really eat too much of rice, breads, pasta, etc.

In Sweden its normal to be completely shaved. Is that something thats normal in CA as well? Do you prefer to shave or do you wax (legs, armpits private area etc) any recommendations?

I do laser hair removal treatments and shave!

What are things you wish you would be better at?

Singing hehe

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  • Julia

    Loved all of the answers! You inspired me to hit the gym today with your pics. 😉


  • Ida

    Good answers! Can you tell a little bit more about getting laser hair removal treatment? I’ve always wanted to do it but i’m a bit scared… Is it really working? Does it hurt? There are different kinds of laser right? Wich on do you use?


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Of course! So it works like this. If you get laser hair removal, you will probably have to go in every six weeks for a total of six treatments. They usually guarantee an 80% removal. The first time you go in, you can barely feel a thing! Then as you go in each time they increase the power, little by little (or whatever is suitable for your case). I’ve had the best experience with laser hair removal and I totally recommend it. My unwanted hair is so easy to take care of now (I shave way less often, hair is very fine, etc.). I will do a blog post on laser hair removal after my next appointment in March! I will get all the info for you :)


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