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It’ssss timeeeee!

I haven’t done a Q&A with you guys in awhile, so I thought now would be the perfect time to do so.  Especially now after the launch of Montazami Brand and a ton of other exciting things that have been going on in my life lately.  Depending on how many questions I get I’ll try to give you all my answers within the next two days.

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  • RoseNPetals

    What’s the blueprint to build a successful/sustainable brand?


  • Eweline

    Hey Hanna and thank you for making my days a little bit better! :) your blog is the best.

    I have some questions for you:
    1. If someone bought you an apartment in Stockholm would you move permanently?
    2. Whats better about Sweden if you compare to the US?
    3. How did you meet your bf? :)
    4. What’s your best tips for a fit body?


  • RoseNpetal

    Suggestions on how to put in all your time into building a brand and supporting your lifestyle without having to work a 9-5?


  • Aria

    Hi Hanna, love your blog!

    Some questions:
    How many kids would you potentially want?
    Besides Sweden and CA, what is your favorite place?



  • Pauline

    Hi Hanna!

    My name is Pauline, I’m 18 years old (19 in a month) and I’m planning on moving to USA in a few years (after saving money and studying at a university).

    For that to happend i would like to know how it is to live there, and i would also love to get som inspiration in fashion, make up and stuff like that.

    SO i was wondering if you could maybe link some blogs of americans so i can get an “overview” of the daily life over there. It does not matter if it is famous blogs or your friends. Politics, fashion, food, the laws, everything will make me happy!

    Btw i have watched every season of Svenska Hollywoodfruar and after that i started to follow your, Sara, and Maria’s blog’s. I really enjoy reading them !!

    Have a nice day, say hello to your family from a superfan of the Montazami’s (persian girl who has lived in sweden since she was born) !! 😀


  • Julia

    Hi Hanna I have some questions:

    What is your favorite song?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite TV show?

    Julia :)


  • Kay

    Heyy Hanna, I’ve following your for years now and you are so amazing! I really love your post!!!
    Sooo now I have some questions to ask you :
    1 – can you do a post about your watches, they are so beautiful… and I also want to know if you can tell me what’s the model of your silver and gold Nixon watch and taxe me a picture of it
    2 – how many times do you work out a week ?
    3 – what’s the most important thing in a relationship ?
    4 – what’s your favorite place in US
    5 – can you us a little more about Montazami brand?


  • Lulle


    Im wondering how you finance yourself. I know you now have a clothing line but what is it that you do for a living?

    And also have you enlargend your lips? Im very intrested in doing it myself so it would be interesting reading how you’ve done it and what you think about it.

    Thanks for an inspiring blog, keep up the good work! :)


  • Ida

    1) Are you a feminist?
    2)what Are your thoughts on what’s going on i europe atm? With the refugee crisis and the war in the middle East? Is it at all noticed in US?
    3) what lipstick do you use? Love the color!
    4)how’s it going with your clothing brand? Is it selling right away or is it tough in the very start?
    5)Are you and Austin planning on getting married and having kids together anytime soon? You look do perfekt together!


  • Cecilia

    Hello! Love your blog, its so interesting and you post such nice pictures!
    Im so curious about your relationship with Austin! Tell us if you want to share! :)
    Also, is Emma ever interested in joining you and your sister and mom in your brand or blogging?


  • Louise

    Yay, a Q&A! :) Got some for you here:
    – How does an ordinary day look for you?
    – Dream away: how does an ordinary day in your life look like in 15 years?
    – Favorite time of the year?
    – What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned so far in your life?
    – We see a lot of you mom on TV, but how would you – as her daughter – describe her?
    – Favorite TV-show?
    – You have an evening alone and unplanned: what do you do?
    – I saw that someone already asked that but I’m curious too: how do you finance yourself?
    – How is your relationship to your family members?
    – And finally: when do we get that apartment videoblog tour? 😉

    Thank you for an awesome blog :)


  • karen

    I’m really interested to launch my own brand some days but I was wondering if you can give us a budget range if you don’t wanna disclose the exact cost so far it’s ok 😉 but can you give us an approximation instead just to have an idea


  • emily

    Do you get lip fillers? I’m thinking about doing it, but still unsure. If you don’t, you should do a lip tutorial on how to make lips look more full.


  • Emelie

    Hi Hanna!

    Love that your having another Q&A! I absolutely love your blog. Think you’re such a good motivator and inspirator and your photos are always on point!
    Here are my questions:

    1. Which are your top favorite clothing brands?

    2. What products do you use for your hair? (Maybe another everyday-hair-totorail?)

    3. You said that the Montazami Brand will be launching more clothes soon… have you guys thought about making a shoe collection as well or will you just do clothes?

    4. Do you have any big dreams or goals for the future?

    Keep up your fantastic blog, I will always read it!


  • Ki teh

    I have two questions.
    1.Do you know staCie?
    2. Are you staCie?


  • Magdalena

    I love reading your blogg its an amazing inspiration!

    1. Do you think alot about what you eat and drink to stay in shape?
    2. In sweden its normal to be completly shaved (even your private area) is that something thats normal in CA aswell? Do you prefer to shave or do you wax (legs, armbits private area etc) any recomendations?
    3.Do you allways use thongs?
    4. What are things you wish you would be better at?


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