Saturday Cruise

Off to breakfast with Austin this morning :) We always love to try new places on the weekends so today we’re trying out Society Kitchen in Santa Monica. We always rely on Yelp to find our restaurants! No outing should be wasted on a bad meal, am I right?!

Today we’re seeing one of our favorite artists….. FRAAAANK OCEANNNNNN! We are so damn excited! He’s performing at FYF here in LA. So after I pack up my apartment all day, I’ll be heading there in the early evening. Then I move into my new place tomorrow… so crazy. I really hope it’s going to be a great place to live. Fingers crossed :)

Ps I’ll be posting photos of the empty apartment so you guys can see the transformation once we are done decorating!

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Daniel Wellington PopUp

Yesterday at the Daniel Wellington Pop Up at the Grove!

They set up a beautiful table and decorated the garden with lights and flowers and it was so beautiful!  It was our own little garden party right in the middle of the Grove. It was kind of strange to have people shopping and walking around us but I kind of forgot they were even there once we sat down to eat. I wore the new all white watch with gold hardware. It went perfectly with my outfit!

Pants from Agaci  // top from BeBe // shoes from Steve Madden // purse from Zara // watch from DW

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This bag easily stole my heart. Dark red with a gold chain and pearl details?? It has my name written all over it!

I’ll show you guys a better picture once I shoot an outfit with it :)

Top is from Agaci Store // bag is from Salar Milano // jeans are from Citizens of Humanity

On a completely other note I’m thinking of buying a camera that I can carry around, that is small, good and crisp quality, and has a built in flash. Do you guys have any suggestions? Should I go with the Sony A7? I’m so lost on what to choose!

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So I leave for Hawaii in exactly one week, which means I’m working out and eating right for real. I’ve been exercising almost every single day since I started my membership at Equinox a month ago.  Equinox is a fancy and hip gym in Marina Del Rey.  I’ve never been so obsessed with going to the gym as I am now, and it’s such a good feeling to have.  I’m so motivated when I go there, and I don’t want that to ever go away! 

So the past week I’ve been drinking this metabolism booster (mixed with water) first thing in the morning to boost my metabolism and energy.  It’s perfect to take 30 minutes before a workout or first thing in the morning to jumpstart your calorie burning. It also has tons of Vitamin B6, B12, C, and Magnesium.

This morning I put it in my smoothie, and it was bomb dot com so I had to share the recipe with you guys.

1 scoop The Help Booster powder (get it here)

1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides (vanilla coconut flavor)

1/2 a small avocado

1/2 a frozen banana

Handful of frozen strawberries 

Sprinkle of chia seeds

Handful of spinach

Blend and enjoy as breakfast :)

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Creating Ideas

Shopping for furniture for a new apartment can go one of two ways: 

1. Either you buy everything in one go at IKEA

2. Or you go from store to store not buying anything because you want to make sure everything is perfect.

I’m the second type. At least with this new apartment. Back in college I was IKEA crazy, but that’s because well, I was in college and it was cute, cheap, and clean.

Now I want drama. I want the character. And we already have a nice space to work with so I know it’s going to be great.  

I’m starting to evolve my design direction into The Hamptons meets Morocco Boho.  We will have fresh whites. Wooden, black, and gold accents. Dark leafy plants. An overall rustic look with a soft touch. Am I making sense?? Haha.

I think I’m going to make a mood board and post it here so you guys know what the crap I’m talking about. 

But for real I need to get started on furniture buying because move in day is just around the corner (Sunday)!!!

What do you guys like as an accent color? I LOVE  burnt/blood orange.

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Hi babes :)

A couple of weeks ago I got a very exciting offer to collaborate with a hat company and design my own limited edition hat! It was such an honor to be asked and I was so excited to come up with something. I chose to go with the messenger hat style because I think a lot of different girls can pull it off. And it’s tomboy cool.

I decided on a black hat with a white rope and black and gold buttons. What do you guys think?! I would LOVE to hear your feedback. Would you guys wear this?? :)

Also note that the rope will be better quality than you see here in the picture.. 

I can’t wait to read what you guys think!

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Family Pool Party (AFTER I GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!!)

One more thing to add to the stress list: getting in a car accident today. It was with a 92 year old lady, and she completely ran into the side of my car. We were in two lanes about to get on the freeway, and everyone has to turn onto the ramp but instead she just kept going straight and ran right into the right side of my car. Later when I talked to her she said she was confused where she was going and she didn’t know my lane was turning.  

It was so scary! My car was swerving like crazy. But then it stopped and everything was ok. No one got hurt, thankfully. That is the most important thing! Especially at her age. 

I was a little freaked out because that was the first car accident I’ve ever been in. It really makes you think. I drove the whole way home to OC with no music on, just still shocked from the noises and the swerving. And my car is not damaged that bad, just a lot of scratches on the side doors, but that will be fixed.

After I got home though I got to relax with my family by the pool. I got to meet my new 1 month old nephew Theodore! He is so cute!!!! I can’t believe my sis Leila already has four kids. It happened so fast! She definitely has her hands full. Two of her kids live in Lebanon during the school year so I don’t get to see them that often, so it was so nice to spend the whole day with them. Look how cute little Elias looks hanging out with Copper!

We made pizzas, peeled and ate raw almonds (so good), and went in the pool. It was an eventful day but it ended up being a bad day turned great :)

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This top is so gorgeous! Sara gave it to me because it was a bit too small for her and I was so excited! It’s a little tight on my ribcage too but I bare through it haha. I just love the pale color against tan skin!

Friday came so fast, but it’s just about 8:30 and I’m ready to get my night started. Austin and I are grabbing sushi at our new favorite spot in Culver City called Uzumake and then we’re just going to see where the night takes us! Just like a feather in the wind hehe.

I’m going home tomorrow to hangout with my niece and nephews (from my half sister Leila) and we’re doing a pool party! My mom bought a bunch of huge inflatable toys and she has been talking about them all week haha. I love how excited she gets about things :) Hope all of you guys have an amazing Friday x

top from Endless Rose // jeans from ReDone // shoes from Tony Bianco // customized bag from Diziand // glasses from Quay

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En Route to Santa Barbara!

Hi guys!

Sara and I just arrived to Santa Barbara for an all day photoshoot! We will be driving around town in a classic red mustang and taking photos at different stops. We just saw the car and it’s beautiful.  I’m a little worried about the weather though, it’s very overcast and I hate shooting when it’s grey and cloudy. I feel my best in the sun! 

I love this casual look I wore the other day in Santa Monica. The top is from Just One Answer (JOA), pants from McGuire Denim, shoes from Superga, and star necklace from Julz Junkie Jewelry. I got the clear glasses from Zara for like $12 hehe.

Photos are by Taryn Dudley

Can you believe it’s almost the weekend? Busy weeks fly by FAST!

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3Y9A1140_colorcorrected_      3Y9A1126_colorcorrected_


top: Ramy Brook // shoes: Bellini // skirt: Levi’s //necklace: Bagatiba // bag: Salar Milano // belt: Ivy Revel // bracelet: Washed Ashore Adornments

pictures by Taryn Dudley

The perfect city-girl outfit for when it’s hot outside.  I just got these mesh booties from Bellini… how cute are they?  AND comfortable (breezy).  Sometimes it’s so hard to wear boots in the summer because it’s so hot and my feet swell up… but these are open toe and all mesh so you can imagine the air ventilation.

Today we’ll be downtown mostly all day working on new Montazami Brand styles! We’ve had a few set backs regarding production so it’s been a long process of trying to make everything perfect.  We are trying to speed it up and give you guys some great styles!

Happy Wednesday :)

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