Josa Sisters

How stunning are these dresses?! These photos were from when Sara and I modeled for Josa Tulum.  We did around 6 different looks each and this was my favorite out of all of them, hence why I’m posting them first hehe.

Today I shot with a photographer around Venice and got a bunch of looks done! Usually when I shoot with Sara we only do 1 look because it’s what we’re wearing that day and we shoot on the way to our events, etc. but when I shoot with a photographer I like to get multiple looks in.  Today we shot seven different outfits and got it all done so quickly. All about the efficient life.

I’m off to bed to catch up on lost sleep. Goodnight loves<3

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Girls Weekend

Sitting on the plane, just landed back in LA after an amazing weekend with my girls! I’m flying with American Airlines, and I’ve never experienced so many problems… first my flight was delayed two hours on the way here, and we ended up sitting on the plane for at least an hour and a half before actually taking off, and now our flight was delayed three hours on the way home, and we have to sit and wait for the gate to be available! Not a pleasant airline to be with and I definitely won’t be booking with them again.

I definitely did not get that much sleep this weekend, so it’s going to be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight!

The whole weekend we pretty much stayed at our hotel, the Wynn and the Encore. We loved the nightclub called XS and the Encore Beach day club so everything we needed was right there! It felt weird to not really leave the hotel area but it was still so much fun. We hung out with The Chainsmokers and Alesso which was cool too!

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Vegas we have arrived!

I’m here for a girls trip with all my girlfriends from college! It’s so nice to see them and reunite since we all live in different places. This weekend is going to be amazing!

I’m wearing a light pink tight dress tonight (see it on my Instagram stories) and I’ll upload some photos of my look tomorrow :)

Happy Friday babes!

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There’s noting quite better than being surrounded by people who exude positivity.  It’s crazy how easily other people can affect your mood and the way you go about your day.  I swear I’ve met the best people here in LA. Happy, positive, and inspiring, to name a few qualities. But of course those are the minority in this city. There are a lot of superficial and unhappy people here, but the good ones still exist.  It’s all about finding the right people to be friends with!  I’ve found my crowd in places like yoga events, in Venice, and at random places.

These two are both those kind of people!

Once you experience friendships like these, it is something you’ll always seek and chase after for the rest of your life<3

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1.  I love the end pieces of a banana.  Definitely have the most flavor.

2.  I always listen to podcasts.  In the morning with Austin, or when I’m in the car and I’m not in the mood for music.

3.  I got eyelash extensions yesterday!!  I asked for them to look super super natural, but now I realize you can barely even notice them.  I might go for a little more drama next time I go in.

4.  My pet peeve: people who are hard to please / entertain.

5.  This is bad but I mostly get all of my groceries at Whole Foods.  I only feel bad because it is so expensive, but the quality of food is so worth it to me.


SLFZ_3815      SLFZ_4009

6.  I am the worst flyer.  If there’s even the slightest turbulence I freak the F out.  Headphones off. Tense legs. Tears. CHUG OF WINE.

7.  I chipped my two front teeth when I was younger so I can never whiten my teeth because they would be a different shade than the rest of my teeth.

8.  I never pick the right color at the nail salon.

9.  I fluctuate in weight VERY easily.  That’s why I almost gained ten pounds on my trip to Europe last week haha.

10.  I workout 3 times a week, and I always change it up with new classes, but I love a basic gym session on my own.

BONUS FACT: I have the worst memory :((((( I can’t remember shit.

ANOTHER BONUS FACT: OMG I had such a good fun fact and 30 seconds went by and I literally forgot what I was going to say haha. That is proof of Bonus Fact #1.  Now ‘m trying to remember…… can’t remember……..Ugh I literally can’t remember…. shit. **UPDATE** Omg I remember!  I have a 6 step morning skincare routine. Face cleanser, atmosphere protection cream, redness cream, eyes and lips, illuminating serum, and moisturizer. Thank you Austin for helping me remember that one… He was listing off all of these topics and once he said beauty I was like YESSSSS.

pictures from my shoot with Lovestrength and Swirl Boutique <3
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IMG_8819      IMG_8818




pictures from the photoshoot I did a couple weeks ago on Balboa Island in Newport Beach for Lovestrength belts and Swirl Boutique

I saw that quote today on Instagram and it really stuck with me.  Kindness and love are never wasted.  I love that because I think it’s so true.  You might think you wasted your love on someone who did not appreciate it, or showed kindness to someone who ended up letting you down, but it’s important not to think that way.  Because in the end, all that matters is what you have contributed to this world and the people in it.  Are you someone who spreads happiness to the people around you? Forget about reciprocation, be someone who you would want to cross paths with.  Be kind and love all <3

That’s my little thought of the day.  The quote might’ve spoken to you too, or it may not have, but I thought I would share what’s on my mind.

Sara and I looked at another apartment today and it was so perfect.  It was huuuge and it had these amazing high ceilings and open floor plan with two bedrooms and a loft upstairs.  It was almost everything we wanted.  But we’re not going to go for it because it’s available right now, and we need it towards the end of July / beginning of August.  We can’t pay double rent for a whole month, that’s insane.  It’s such a bummer though, since it was so suitable for us.  But we will keep on looking!  The search continues…

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all palazzo pants from Montazami Brand you can buy HERE

UGH I can finally blog from my computer again.  The media limit was exceeded for about a month and it was so frustrating to write my posts on the computer, then save it as a draft and send all of the photos to my phone, and blog from the app.  Now I can do it all on the computer, and it will be such a time saver hehe.

I tried to make the photos a bit smaller, since some of you guys had said the photos are too big.  Is this better, or still too big?  Please let me know because I want to make my blog as easy on the eyes as possible.  Also, I’m working on changing my font.  I think I want something more simple and easy to read, not so bubbly if you know what I mean?  Thoughts?

But here are some photos from the shoot I did with Sara for Montazami Brand and Dazey LA.  We mixed our printed palazzo pants with their graphic tees.  Cute huh?  The location we shot at was dreeeamy as you can see!

Sara and I have been modeling quite a lot together recently.  In fact I’ve been modeling A LOT more in general recently.  I really really love it.  I’m still learning how to master my angles but I think I’ve come a long way.  I also have a bit more confidence than I did even a year ago, so that always helps.

This morning Sara and I went to a casting together for a fun “road trip” shoot in Santa Barbara.  We hope we got it!!  I think we find out tomorrow 😉

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To the main man in my life, who has taught me so many things, and who has shown me endless support and unconditional love, Happy Father’s Day daddy!

We celebrated by going to the boat and barbecuing some lunch in the sun.  It was such a nice day so we decided to take the boat out for a ride, and happened to be going at the same time as two whale watching boats, so we decided to follow them.  About 5-7 minutes out we found a whole pod of dolphins playing together with a whale!!! The whale made its first appearance with a breach, and then kept playing around our boats and coming up to the surface to say hi. It was so magical! There must’ve been around 50 dolphins swimming around our boat.  It was a perfect Father’s Day gift for my pops :)

After the boat we ordered a casual dinner and ate at home while watching the movie Get Out.  Such a creepy movie… have you guys seen it?

We just had my dad open his presents and he watched the video that we made him! Remember the one we made for my mom on Mothers Day? Well we made a similar one for my dad and he loved it<3

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When I come back from vacation my favorite thing to do is to go to the beach in Laguna. It’s so damn beautiful and it’s where I grew up so it’s always going to have that special place in my heart! Not a bad place to have that eh?

Today was the perfect summer day, and I’m looking forward to many more like these :)

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A few photos I took in LA wearing my red Calzedonia bikini

Hi guys :)

Sitting at the Copenhagen airport about to board our connecting flight to LAX! To home I go!

I’m eating a rice cake or 3, my favorite snack when I’m watching what I eat. I try to find the most flavorless kind at the store (no cinnamon flavored crap), because it’s only around 30 calories and it tastes so good! I found a good pack at the grocery store in France and they’re perfect to snack on whenever I crave a carb!

I’m so excited to see Austin and the rest of my fam, get back into my routine, and catch up on work and emails :)

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