1.   I love this pebble color! And a dress like this never goes out of style. [here]

2.  blush pink yoga pants for $35 [here]

3.  comfy everyday bra $25 [here]

4.  loving the color way on this Nike training shoe! [here]

5.  SUPER WOMAN tee 😉 [here]

6.  Ralph Lauren Faux Shearling Moto Jacket [here]

7.  cropped denim jacket (also available in blue!) [here]

8.  these look like a great pair of high-waisted black skinnys [here]

9.  Topshop Lion sweater for $33 [here]

10.  Love this Rails sweater!  I have it in blue and it’s a staple in my closet. [here]

11. Free People bodysuit (in different colors) [here]

12.  Free People bodysuit with a little flare [here]

13.  I need this basic tank! [here]

Here’s some hidden gems in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that are available now for Nordstrom cardholders only!  Remember that the sale opens to the public on the 19th.  Cardholders, you can shop these while you got first dibs, and non-cardholders, add your favorites to your wish list so you can shop them as soon as the sale opens up to the public!


bikini by Calzedonia

I have been liiiiiving at the beach these past few weeks that I’ve been home.  It’s so nice to just walk out of your front door, cross the street, and be on the beach. It’s so close that I don’t mind just walking out there with a towel and a magazine by myself, when I need some sun, salt, and sand to refresh the mind.  The water is warmer than I’ve ever experienced it to be in LA, which is really nice because it’s usually very chilly.  I think the massive heat wave we had last week just warmed it up super quickly.

Today Rudy and I went paddle boarding in the Marina.  Sara and I both got blow-up paddle boards and today was our first day bringing them out!  It was pretty windy so we got quite the workout in our core and arms.  I feel like they’re going to be sore tomorrow!


  1. LOVE the red active wear! Find the bra [here]
  2. and matching pants [here!]
  3. I’ve heard great things about these Zella leggings [here]
  4. The perfect little travel bag for mini trips [here]
  5. all about lavender (they also have it in black) [here]
  6. these are very similar to the hoops I wear almost every day! [here]
  7. this kimono is perfect! [here]
  8. need these Vans [here]
  9. and these peachy keen adidas [here]
  10. I could see myself living in this fleece sweater [here]
  11. this is an updated version of the curling iron I use! [here]
  12. this facial device is life changing!  It’s from NUFACE.  Look it up on google and gasp at the results.  I have one and I love it 🙂 [here]

Right now the sale is for early access members only (Nordstrom card holders) but the sale will be open to the public on July 20!


dress: Rahi Cali

Hi babes!

I’m currently putting together my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that’s happening tomorrow morning for early access members! I’m curating a collection of my top favorites so you guys can easily find the good stuff before they’re gone.  I’ll be doing a post here on the blog with links, as well as on my instagram stories with swipe up links.

To be an early access member you have to be a Nordstrom cardholder, but if you’re not, don’t worry, the sale opens to everyone on July 20th!  Depending on how tomorrow goes, I might put together another curated list with the items available on that date as well.  I’m excited!

Are any of you guys Nordstrom card holders?


these are the freeway lanes where the beginning scene of La La Land was filmed!  Do you recognize it?

top is from Hot as Hell [here] / shoes: Pierre Balmain / jeans: Acne Studios

This is what we did last Friday—– a private heli ride in LA! It was so romantic…

Everything was seamlessly easy from the moment we booked the trip.  After reading a bunch of reviews on different companies and tours, we decided to book it with Anthelion Helicopters through TripAdvisor.  We definitely chose a great tour because we had no wait times and no fuss.

Rudy and I drove down to Long Beach to a small airport hangar, where we got picked up by our pilot in a golf cart and escorted to the helicopter.  We signed some papers, had a quick safety brief, and then we were up in the sky!

We went on an extremely hot day (I think it was about 100 degrees) so we left the window vents open for some fresh air when we were up in the sky.  We flew to downtown LA, then all the way to the coast of Venice (we flew right over my apartment!! Rudy saw it but I couldn’t find it for shit haha) and then down through Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, and Long Beach.

Our tour guide was super nice and informative, and cracked some funny jokes here and there.  He put our headset mics on so we could all talk to each other (I wasn’t able to do this in the last heli ride I went on, and it made such a difference.  It was better that way because I could ask questions about what I was seeing).

And the best past is that I wasn’t scared at all!  There’s something about helicopters that I’m just not scared about?? Planes are a different story but helicopters are so much fun to me.  I love it.

Thanks Trip Advisor for the amazing experience! You can Click here to book this exact heli ride or click here to see more tours and experiences to do in LA.  Note you can type in any destination in the world!

Summer Whites

This jumpsuit is perfect for summer in so many ways…. the material doesn’t wrinkle, it has an open back, it’s so comfy, and it’s white! That’s pretty much all I need in a jumpsuit.  I linked it here

…and after looking it up on the internet I now realized that I was wearing it wrong haha.  I forgot to put my arms through the sleeves LOL.  But looking at both ways, I still think my version is cuter!  What do you guys think?

Right now I’m waiting for Rudy to get off work then we’re headed to the boat or the beach (haven’t decided yet) for a little Sunday Funday.  How was your guys’ weekend?


Alert alert! There’s a bikini giveaway happening on my instagram and if you and a friend want to win some cute suits for the summer, I suggest you enter 😉

Just go to my Instagram account @hannamontazami and click on the post with the picture you see above and follow the directions from there!


This was our beautiful room!  I’ve actually stayed in this exact same room before.  It’s my favorite because of the views… (the Perrier-Jouet champagne was a major bonus too) .  The best part is that you can peek down at the roof top deck to see what the crowd situation is like.  We would keep an eye on the deck before the World Cup games to make sure we got down there before it got too full.

This was hands down the best place to watch the game!  I mean, look at that view.  It’s nice that they put up the big screen so everyone could see.

I loved how the hotel went out of their way to make me a flower crown (since we arrived on Midsummer) and to get Rudy and I matching Swedish jerseys!  I’ll be wearing it tomorrow for the Sweden vs. England game.

Our mornings consisted of breakfast, which I couldn’t wait for Rudy to try, given my love for Swedish hotel breakfasts, and then we were out and about for the day.  It was nice to come back to our room around 5 ish (in between World Cup games) to recharge and relax before heading out to dinner.  We grabbed a few drinks on the rooftop whenever we could… we couldn’t stay away!  The rooftop was definitely our favorite part of our stay.

Click here to see more pictures or info about the hotel 🙂


top: Änaris scarf // jacket: vintage Levi’s // shoes: Jimmy Choo // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi guys!

For all of my American readers, I hope you all had a fantastic fourth of July! I spent mine in LA with Rudy, starting our day with the beach and ending it with a house party.  The only thing I’m bummed about is not seeing fireworks :/ I really wanted to watch them on the beach with my babe.  Next year 😛

Right now my cousin Niki is over and we’re going to walk down to the beach.  It’s a perfect sunny day here in Venice.  I have no phone because I left it in Rudy’s car, and he already drove down to OC haha.  Luckily he’s coming back tonight so I’ll get it soon!

Palm Tree State of Mind

Dress from Hello Molly

Nothing like that California sunshine! This is me frolicking around my Venice neighborhood 🙂

On another note, how awesome was that Sweden win against Switzerland?!! Ahh I’m so happy for them! Gooooo Sverige!