Okay I wasn’t planning on taking this picture of my cart at the market, but there was a moment where I looked down and thought to myself, ”damn I am HEALTHY!!” so I had to capture the moment.  And now I’m posting it here on the blog to tell you guys a little bit about how I snap back into my healthy diet after a vacation filled with bread, cheese, sweets, need I go on?

So right before I leave for a long vacation I always like to step on the scale and remember my weight, so I can see how much I gained or lost (or just gained haha) on the trip when I return home. Before I left for Australia, I was 121 pounds. When I returned, I was 127 lbs.  I can’t say I was shocked when I looked at the screen… I didn’t feel good at all and my stomach had major digestion issues for the majority of the trip (think constant bloating and discomfort, feeling SO full, constipated).

My body fluctuates very easily in weight, so I knew I could get back on track and feel great before the Roxy event I’m hosting this Saturday. So that basically left me with a week.  It’s now Wednesday and when I stepped on the scale this morning I was 123 lbs.  Almost there!  And that’s just from returning back to my healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Some tips I have for the market:

  • Notice how almost everything in my cart came straight from the earth. Except for the pinot noir and granola hehe 😉 BALANCE.
  • Always look at the ingredients of the packaged products you buy.  If theres a bunch of crap you don’t know how to pronounce, or that just sounds unhealthy, it probably is.  For example, bars. I love taking bars with me when I’m on the go, but there are SO many out there that contain a bunch of shit that is not a friend to your body.  Look at the ingredients! I buy the bars that contain around 4-6 ingredients like dates, apples, banana, mango, spinach, etc.
  • Don’t go in there hungry. If I’m starving at the market I’ll end up buying shit I don’t need.
  • Don’t be afraid to snack on some grapes while you’re cruisin’ the aisles. The grapes are the first thing I put in my cart so I can snack on them throughout my grocery shopping haha.  Anyone else guilty of snackin’ and cruisin’?

Not pictured, but I also bought: Rao’s Arrabiatta pasta sauce (to go with my spaghetti squash) and a few bars!  And I forgot to buy fresh spinach….

(ps. I wont be in LA this weekend so that’s why there’s not much food haha)


Hi cuties!!!

I’m excited to announce that I’m hosting an event with Roxy this weekend and it’s going to be lots of fun! I’ll be helping girls style their spring looks AND I’m even holding a live Q & A with the audience where we can talk all things spring fashion, festival tips, and whatever the audience ends up asking hehe.

The official flyer is above, but here’s the info again:

LOCATION: Tilly’s at Irvine Spectrum

TIME: 12-2 PM


WHO: Me, Roxy, and all of you cool peeps that come!

If any of you guys are in the area it would mean so much if you stopped by! I’d love to meet anyone that lives local here in OC or LA 😉

Leave a comment below if you’d like to come!


After 2 1/2 weeks of camping, staying at friends houses, and checking into Air BnB’s all over Australia, it was so unbelievably nice to check into the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour at the tail end of our trip.  We were craving a little luxury, and that’s exactly what we got at this hotel.

Some of the best parts about the hotel:  The views from the room (hello Syndey Harbour bridge right outside my window!), the location, and the service.

Favorite moment: Laying in bed at night with the blinds open, staring at the city lights

When you step outside of the hotel, your right in the middle of the Sydney Harbour, steps away from the Opera House, with the Royal Botanical Gardens right past that. After we checked in, Rudy and I made a loop through the Opera House and to the gardens, where we ended up laying on the grass for about an hour.  It was very romantic!

Later that day we went to Hacienda, which is one of the hotel’s trendy restaurants. Highly recommend going there for a sunset cocktail and a few appetizers!

What I got for breakfast: Smoked salmon Benedict with a fresh fruit plate and green smoothie

What Rudy got: French toast with bacon and caramelized walnuts (it was soooo good)

Click here to see more about the hotel!

this post is in collaboration with Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour


After traveling for three weeks, the best thing we could have done was come home at the beginning of the weekend, so we have a few days to recover and get back on the right time schedule. Imagine jumping right into a Monday… not so fun.

My aunt from Sweden is in town so we had some sparkling rosé at the Ritz Carlton on saturday, and it was such a gorgeous sunny day! The weather’s been a bit weird here, so we got lucky with some warm sun for that moment.

It’s nice having family in town. Since we have sort of a small extended family, it’s extra special when we get together, especially since most of my family lives in either Sweden or Iran.

I got to introduce Rudy to her tonight at dinner, which makes my aunt the first extended family member to meet him! Makes me happy 🙂

Talking About Deoderant: DOVE

Hi guys! I wanted to share the campaign I’ve been working on with Dove and Fashion Snoops, where we are sharing 2018’s trending colors, how to style them and how to keep them white mark free with the right deodorant. When I was approached with this opportunity, I was over the moon excited because Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant is actually the exact deodorant I’ve been using for almost a year now. I’ve pretty much tried them all and this seems to work the best for me! And the best part? NO white marks. Because who wants visible white streaks on your bright and bold colored clothes? No one.

This certain spray leaves no white marks on 100 colors, meaning you have the freedom to wear your favorite shades this season, like marigold, azure, and moss (a pretty dark green!), just to name a few.

My favorite thing about using Dove Invisible Dry Spray:

– it keeps you fresh for 48 hours
– it prevents sweat marks on your fav white tees
-no need to avoid wearing your favorite colors because of white marks—— this stuff WORKS. Trust me!

Dove and Fashion Snoops created a website containing other tips and tricks for styling 2018’s trending colors – check it out here!


Palm Beach— the hidden gem about 15 minutes from Sydney (by seaplane)! The name comes from the shape of the peninsula— it actually looks like a palm tree— and it’s a great little place for a day trip. We were there for only three hours (wish we could’ve stayed longer) but we managed to fit in a few activities while we were there.

We hiked to the top of the hill where the light house was, hangout at the beach, and ate at the cutest lunch spot right on the water called Boat House. It was a bit expensive, but then again everything in Australia is expensive, especially food. I had the vegetarian plate, which came with four falafel balls, beetroot hummus, mashed avo, homemade healthy crackers, pumpkin, and rainbow carrots. So filling but so good!! Rudy had the fish and chips… but they didn’t look as good as mine 😉


If there’s one thing that Rudy has made me more of, it’s adventurous. I’ve always been naturally adventurous at heart, but sometimes I could be a bit lazy about putting my bucket list into action. So far in our few months of dating we’ve been on a hot air balloon, traveled across the world to Australia, camped for four days along the coast of Tasmania, and today we took a seaplane from Sydney to Palm Beach. I wouldn’t normally book a seaplane adventure (most of you know my fear of planes) but I kind of just went for it, and I’m so happy I did.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, though. I was Facetiming my mom this morning and she didn’t exactly calm my nerves about it… more just heightened my anxiety haha. She’s a worrier, which makes me a worrier. Go figure!

It was a little freaky in the beginning at takeoff but the views were insane. We saw nothing but the beautiful Australian coast line, with golden sand beaches and bright blue water, all crashing on the rocks that tons of houses sat on. It was such a cool experience. And landing right on the water was epic too.

We stayed for a few hours at Palm Beach (that’s for another post) before we headed back to Sydney in the seaplane. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip (I feel like there are SO many highlights haha) and it was a great way to spend our last day here. Tomorrow we head back to the states! Crazy to think that three weeks have already gone by…

Hacienda at the Pullman

We’ve checked into pure luxury! We’re back in Sydney for the last leg of our trip, and we’re doing it so right. We’re staying right in the harbour next to the Sydney Opera House and we have the most gorgeous suite overlooking the water! Right now I’m in bed looking out at the city lights and the view is just mental.

We walked around the royal botanical gardens, had some oysters and a beer underneath the opera house, and then had sunset dinner at Hacienda, one of the trendy restaurants at the Pullman Quay Grand Hotel (where we’re staying). We got to try some new upcoming items that they will soon be featuring on their menu, like the ricotta filled pumpkin flowers and the grilled Australian jumbo prawns with pineapple salsa. SO GOOD.

I’m most excited to wake up to the view in the morning. Goodnight y’all 🙂

Beach Girl

Some photos from my shoot in Bondi last week!

I have about 2000 photos from that shoot to look through and I’m semi overwhelmed haha. When there’s too many photos to choose from, I panic! When I get on my computer I’ll do a compilation of the different looks, because there were so many cute dresses! The boutique is called Love Lola and it’s from Newport Beach, but they buy a lot of their clothes from Australia. They’re perfect vacation dresses, just like this white one.

Stradbroke Island

Hello from Stradbroke Island, Australia! This part of the trip was never planned, but I’m so happy we ended up here. The weather has been a bit spotty with rain, clouds, and sunshine, but the temperature is super warm so it’s totally okay with me. Yesterday we drove on the beach (something you can’t do back in the states), ate a delicious cheese board on our balcony at sunset hour, and went out for a nice dinner up the road from the house we’re staying at.

Yesterday morning I went for a run by myself, and it was the best way to learn about the island! I always think walking /running is the best way to discover a new place. You remember where things are (more than you would driving in a car) and you get the chance to stop anywhere and talk to some locals. How do you guys prefer discovering new places?