What To do when you have a long layover in Iceland

I’m writing this post because I feel like Iceland is a common layover spot when you’re on your way from the states to Europe, or vice versa.  There’s not a lot of planes coming in and out (compared to most airports) so the layovers can be longer, like this one was for Rudy and I. Since our trip was so last minute we had to grab one of the cheapest flights available, and that was with WOW air, stopping in Iceland for almost a full day. At first I was a little hesitant booking a flight with WOW air… just the name itself sounded unprofessional to me haha (I’m scared of flying so I’m weird about everything having to do with flights, down to the airline name lol). Besides that I guessed there would be a bunch of hidden fees that we would have to pay since the ticket was so much cheaper than all of the others.  But we said F it, and went for it.  

I want to tell you guys the way we booked everything, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation on your travels stopping in Iceland, because we think we did it perfectly. Everything was so easy!

Here’s what we did:

First we booked our seats with XL leg room.  The leg room was great, and if I’m remembering correctly it was just $30 extra per seat.  But the real reason we booked the XL leg room seats is because it came with a small purse or backpack, carry on, AND a checked bag all included in the price. Given that the price of bringing a carry on is close to $80 if you pay at the airport, this was a huge money saver! I think this is the deal available for flights over 8+ hours, because I kept seeing that everywhere on my confirmation ticket.

Next, we booked a cheap-ish hotel.  We stayed at Berga’s Guesthouse right near Keflavík airport, and it was clean, spacious, and very conveniently located.  And it beats sleeping on the airport floor obviously.

The other thing we did, that I only recommend if you want to explore a bit of Iceland, is rent a car. Taxis are outrageously expensive, and the public transportation system is not great (according to online reviews and locals).  We rented a car for $90 and that included insurance.  We got ourselves to and from the airport and hotel very easily, we got to drive around and stop for photos, and visit the Blue Lagoon, all in the most cost-effective way. (The shuttle from the airport to the blue lagoon is $25 per person, so for two people that’s $100 total for both ways, and that’s not including transportation from hotel, restaurants, etc., and that’s already more expensive than a car rental!) We rented our car with SIXT.

The Blue Lagoon was truly an amazing experience. Rudy and I bought the premium tickets ($90 per person) online beforehand, which let us skip the line, get two complimentary drinks, a robe, sandals, and a towel, reserve a table at LAVA restaurant (best food), and get green algae masks. We had lunch first and it was phenomenal. I ate my whole dish clean! I had the fresh cod and Rudy had lamb. Our table overlooked the lagoon and it was so romantic. In fact the whole thing was romantic! We had the best time together 🙂 We stayed for about 4 hours.

Side note: there is a loooot of silica in the water, which makes your hair very dry if you go under, or even from the steam if you leave it just about the water (thanks to one of you lovely readers I was already prepared for that 😉 ).  They recommended to shower first, load up my hair with conditioner, and put it in a bun.  So that’s what I did! I only took it out of the bun for photos when I was on shallow ground.

Now I’m sitting on the plane on our way to Sweden! We’re hopping right into midsummer celebrations so I’m trying to get as much rest as I can before the big party. Glad Midsommar my Swedes! 



Best Layover Ever…. Like Ever

Holy guacamole that was unreal! I cannot wait to tell you guys about my experience at the Blue Lagoon. I know we made the most of our 19 hour layover. I want to tell you guys all the details but I have four hours to sleep so I’ll save it for another post. Stay tuned!


Hi babes!

We are taking off for our mini euro trip! First stop Iceland, then Sweden! I cannot wait to show Rudy around Stockholm. I know there’s always a ton of new restaurants popping up in the city, so if you guys have any recommendations for us to go to please let me know 🙂 And any advice on rooftop bars or day parties please!

Talk later xx

Tomorrow’s Destination


Rudy and I decided very last minute to book a trip to Sweden for Midsummer, and we just happen to have a long layover in Iceland, so we’re making the most of it and going to one of my bucket list places: THE BLUE LAGOON!

Have you guys been? Any advice?

We heard that the cabs and shuttles are expensive (and a headache) so we rented a car for the day. We booked the premium package at the Blue Lagoon so we’ll be eating lunch at their restaurant called Lava. I would love some tips if you guys had any! Let me know 🙂

Getting the Glow

Hi guys!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t explain how much I believe in self tanning! I’ve been using the self applying mousse method for pretty much two or three years, but in recent months I’ve been using it weekly.  And there’s two reasons why: 1. I feel way cuter when I’m tan. And 2. It’s less damaging to your skin than trying to tan in the sun for hours.

I made a fancy little collage for you guys so you can see exactly what the comparison is side by side. None of the photos above have been edited so you can see the true color.  The “after” photo is right after I applied to product, so I needed to wait 4 hours before I showered it off. The color came out really nice and natural looking! It was already dark by the time I took a shower so I couldn’t take a pic, but I can upload a photo of my tan tomorrow if you guys want. Let me know!

Father’s Day!

What a day! Here’s a look inside our Father’s Day spent at home in the backyard. It was the perfect ending to a mellow weekend.

My dad looooooved his gift.  (Look at the bar tap handle in the last photo to see what I made him). He couldn’t get over the duck haha. He was quacking for 10 minutes straight!

I’m off to bed guys, talk later 🙂

Mellow Saturday

Just what we needed. A mellow Saturday consisting of plant shopping, jacuzzi, and a movie.  Tomorrow’s Father’s Day so Rudy bought some French tarragon plants that he potted in a beautiful blue pot to give to my dad tomorrow! His parents are in New Orleans this weekend so he will be spending the day with our family 🙂

Guess what I got my dad?! So we have a kegerator beer tap in our backyard that we’ve been using a bunch lately, so I got him a fun beer tap handle! Rudy helped me customize it so it says “BIG KAM’S BREW”.  It’s a perfect  thoughtful gift. I hope he loves it! I will show you guys a picture of it tomorrow!


Sooooo…. this was an experience haha. Rudy and I always take his two dogs Bella and Tyson to this park by his house, and they LOVE it. We walk around and play fetch until they’re too tired.  We thought it would be a great idea to bring Molly and Copper (key word: thought) but it was not so fun haha.  They were so anti social and Molly was growling so hard at both of them (Molly always thinks she’s the boss LOL).

Copper wouldn’t even run after the ball when I threw it… it was so lame! They definitely don’t like doing anything outside of their regular routine.  It was worth a try though!


Making this post brought me right back to our perfect bachelorette weekend in Cabo!  Amanda’s the first friend in our group to get hitched, so we had to go big, and boy did we go big.  Our days consisted of breakfast in the morning, shots right after, dancing by the pool, boat days, crazy on-stage performances at Mango Deck, and nights out at the Nowhere Bar and Mandalas.  Basically our trip consisted of tequila, tequila, and more tequila.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait for our next friend to get married so we can go again!! Haha.

I always get questions about what my friends are doing, so I’ll give you guys a quick update.  Madison (my BFF since 4th grade) is working at a non-profit organization in Orange County.  Amanda’s about to start her third year of law school, along with Taylor, who was my roommate all throughout college.  Mariel moved to Mexico to pursue her acting career, and Ivanna is working at Baby 2 Baby.  Theresa is a nurse, and Sam is an accountant at a PR firm called 72 and Sunny.  It’s safe to say my friends are freakin’ KILLING IT and I’m so proud of all of them.  I’m so happy to have such a great group of friends 🙂

Let me know if you guys have any questions about our Bachelorette weekend, I’m more than happy to answer!  Just leave a comment below 🙂


top: Faithful the Brand [get it here] // skirt: Runaway the Label // shoes: Schutz [get them here] // bag: Faithful the Brand [get the similar version here] // jacket is vintage!

photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi beautiful angels! That reminds me of my favorite song at the moment.  Please do me a favor and look up ”Beautiful” by Bazzi if you haven’t heard it already!  For some reason that song makes me kind of emotional.. in a good way.

By the way, how is it Thursday already?! This week is FLYING by.

So you guys know how I was super excited to just ”chill” and do all my errands/work in Venice yesterday? Well, I ended up having to drive to Glendale for a casting haha.  It was about 2 1/2 hours of driving…. but hopefully it will be worth it.  We will see if I get the job!  It’s for a modeling gig for Stila Cosmetics. Fingers crossed!