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I’m feelin’ all the red lately.  It used to be my least favorite color to wear, but something changed.  I used to think it brought out the pink in my skin, but now I think it goes well with my tones.  Maybe because I use self-tanner now haha.

Speaking of red, one of the main things this color represents is strength, which has been a very big theme for me this past month.  Everyday I’m gaining more and more strength to stand up for myself, especially in the work world.  I’ve had my fair share of being taken advantage of, and to be honest I’m SO over it.  As I get older, the less bullshit I can put up with.  Being young and new to the industry that you work in DOES NOT give anyone the right to walk all over you.  I’ve recently been blown away by the situations I’ve found myself in.

I think it’s so important to know your worth.  You know what you deserve and you shouldn’t take anything less.  I’m starting to show more strength in my business endeavors and I can definitely notice a difference.  It’s kind of like a subtle little “don’t f*ck with me” but in a nice, professional way.  More of like a “this is me, this is what I can do, take it or leave it” kind of thing.  DONE WITH THE B.S.!

I know I’m not the only one who has been taken advantage of in the workplace.. what are your thoughts on showing strength and standing up for yourself in situations where you feel you are being taken advantage of?  Leave a comment below, I would love to hear.

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Hanna (1)


Hi lovies!

Oh gosh. my eyesight is getting worse by the day… it’s hurting my eyes to look at the computer screen right now.  I recently did an eye test at the doctors and they said I had 20/40 vision and that I should probably go to the optometrist and get glasses.  I’m really feeling the eye strain right now after looking at the computer a lot today.  I need to make an appointment!

I wanted to tell you guys about the dreamy experience I had at the Burke Williams spa in Hollywood on my birthday.  This birthday I was in the mood to be pampered, so the first thing I made sure to do was schedule an hour massage at their spa.  I’ve been to this location once before for an event, and fell in love with the jacuzzi in the locker room.  They decorated it so nicely with the Moroccan feel.  So of course I had to come back for a full treatment, and to hangout in the jacuzzi!

My massage was absolutely fantastic.  My mind usually gets so stressed during a massage (I know, WHY?) because I’m always thinking “Should I tell them more pressure?” or “I wonder how many minutes are left?” haha.  But this time it was so perfect that I thought of absolutely nothing.  And it was so nice.  My masseuse even added hot rocks and aroma therapy since it was my birthday, so that was definitely a plus :)

After my massage I kept the pamper going and got a pedicure.  They do steam pedicures instead of using water, so it’s very eco- friendly, which I always appreciate.  I just sat there with my cookie flavored tea (which I really wanted to find the name of!) and sat back into full relaxation mode.  And my pedicurist actually did a really good job!  I was really happy with the light pink color.

The next time I go back I think I’m going to schedule a facial, since I’ve heard great things from my friends who have had one there.  Facial and massage sounds pretty good?  And a dip in that dreamy jacuzzi!  For more info about the Burke Williams spa you can visit their website here!

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IMG_2241      IMG_2247

white two piece by Tigermist // jacket by Mink Pink

The perfect outfit for fall!!!! LOL.

I’m pretty sure the white two piece set I’m wearing is a bathing suit, but it’s also good as an under garment for a see-through dress or something.  And the jacket I cannot wait to wear this season, if it ever cools down.  Yesterday and today have felt like a hot summer day in July.  I’m definitely not complaining though :)

Today I’m home in OC and hanging with my mom, getting some work done for Montazami Brand.  I’ll be here until tomorrow because I have a photoshoot in Long Beach.  Happy Monday!

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This is what my Saturday looked like! Grabbed breakfast (it was more of lunch though) at Great White in Venice with Austin, then had a photoshoot with a new photographer in Beverly Hills! I wore a beautiful black lace dress from Mink Pink. You guys will see the whole outfit once I get the photos… I'm excited to have a bunch of cool content for you guys!

Tonight we went to sushi at our favorite local spot, and now we're watching some Netflix in bed. Happy Saturday guys :)

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Change Up

Today we had a loooong day of driving/castings/photo shoots so I am extra happy to be in bed and not be out right now. I definitely need to catch up on sleep after last night. We went to Steve Aoki's clothing line Dim Mak release party at Saks, followed by dinner and an after party at the Highlight Room. It was fun but I ended up getting back to Austins at like 3 am, so I'm preeeetty tired right now. Austin and I had sushi date night and I was basically eating with my eyes closed haha.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot from the photoshoot we did in Venice today! Cannot wait to see the real photos. Sara and I were so excited to shoot with another photographer (as opposed to us taking each other's pictures like we usually do) because sometimes it all starts to look the same. We want to have a lot of varying content to keep the images fresh and unexpected. I'm not really a fan of the typical "blog photo" look. We're trying to incorporate a little more creativity and edge. What are your guys' thoughts on that?

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duster: 12th Tribe [here] // top: Pfeiffer // shorts: One Teaspoon [here] // shoes: Kat Maconie [here] // socks: Calzedonia // bag: Mansur Gavriel // sunnies: Quay Australia

Hi honeys!

It’s Thursday but it feels like Friday.. anyone with me on that? Maybe because I went out for margaritas last night hehe.  I woke up with a booming headache and thought NOT TODAY so I beat the hangover with a gnarly gym session.  Sara and I did a spin class and booty/ab workouts afterwards.  Sure enough, the headache was gone and I was ready to start the day.  Disclaimer: not ALL hangovers work like that for me.  There are days when no food tastes good and I’m walking around hunched over.  Not a good look.

I wore this fun little outfit yesterday and loooved it. I almost cried when I got these shoes.  They are SO beautiful.  If you haven’t checked out Kat Maconie before, do it now and thank me later.  She makes the craziest/ most colorful shoes ever!! I want so many of her shoes haha.  See her website here.

Today Sara and I are working from hom and then going to a bridal preview event in WeHo.  First the bridal magazine cover and now a bridal event… feeling very wifey!

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Look at my two little nuggets who came to visit us today in LA! We had a Montazami Brand meeting at our place so my mom came up with the doggies since we haven't been able to see them that much lately. They were so good at helping us decide where to put our new silver tags on the basic tees! I will show you guys a pic of that later :)

My mom helped us rearrange a few things in the living and dining room (classic mom move) but it looks a lot better and she gave us some great ideas! We're going to buy a tall fiddle leaf fig tree for the living room, to go near the end with of the couch near the wet bar. I think it will make the whole room come together!

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Hi guys!

I often get questions here on the blog and on Instagram DMs about my workout routine.  Ever since I started my membership at Equinox I’ve been going regularly, about 4-5 times a week.  I would consider myself in good shape, but there are always going to be areas I want to improve and work on.  I always try to keep it exciting and not have a set gym routine, otherwise I get bored.

 Equinox is really good about having different kinds of fun classes you can take, so I thought I would try out a bunch of different classes for a couple of weeks and give you guys a review of which ones I liked, disliked, and will continue to take.

Some of the classes I didn’t like I could guess was more because of the teacher, not the class. I get really bummed when I take a class with a teacher that I end up not liking.  It could be their slow pace, way of talking, lack of motivating skills, volume and choice of music, etc.

That’s why it’s so important for me to remember the names of the teachers I DO like, so I can make sure I go to their classes in the future.

HERE is a list of the classes I’ve tried, a little description about them,and what I thought of each.

CARDIO FIT BARRE: “high energy, non-stop barre work to amp up your heart rate, promote maximum caloric burn, and sculpt muscles for a lengthened and toned physique”.  

I took this class two times.  This is a prime example of how much impact the instructor has on your class!  The first time I took it, I was unimpressed.  I barely felt a workout, the music was too quiet, and it was just too easy.  The second time ended up being best f*ing class I’ve taken in a long time. My butt, abs, and arms were so sore the next day.

GET UP AND FLOW (YOGA): “an invigorating series of yoga postures tailored to your morning body”.  

So I’ve taken tons of yoga classes at different studios, so it wasn’t that amazing for me.  It was alright, but I would try a different yoga class next time.

STUDIO CYCLING: “a cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles.  Classes are real terrain based and focus on heart rate zones, climbs, and sprints”.  

It’s like a Soul Cycle spin class!  In fact, Equinox owns Soul Cycle so they share the same bikes, instructors, etc.  I looooove this class.  Loud music and a dark room lit up by the instructor’s stage.  I’ve had very motivating instructors so far!

PILATES: “an innovative system of mind-body exercise that teaches the body awareness and good posture while increasing core strength, flexibility, and mobility”.  

I’ve tried out the private pilates class on the traditional machine, and mat pilates in a group class.  The private lesson was great, but it’s not included in the membership and way too expensive for me.  So, that’s out.  The group mat pilates was a real snooooooze.  So boring haha.

AB LAB: “improve your core strength, balance, and posture.  A focused workout with cutting edge abdominal and lower back exercises”.  

This is just a 15 minute class so it’s kind of perfect for me because abs are the one area that I don’t push myself with.  I kind of need a class to force me to do the ab exercises I wouldn’t do on my own.  I added this to the end of my self workout and loved it!

What is your favorite workout class? <3

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Hi y’all.

Hope you had a nice weekend?!  Mine was fun… I hosted a lot at my house now that we have a couch :))) I was supposed to have a photoshoot today with a new photographer, but she wasn’t able to make it so we’ll have to reschedule for another time.  And Austin was studying all day so I just had a “me” day… walked on Abbot Kinney and almost bought a $470 pair of sunglasses but then I talked myself out of it.  Sunglasses are my total weakness!  It’s like I forget the value of money when I’m buying sunglasses.  I somehow find ways to justify those expensive purchases…. but I’m happy I resisted today!  A step in the right direction, I would say. But they were so cute….. -_-

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After a few long months of having a sad, empty living room, we can finally LIVE in our living room!  It all came together when our couch was delivered on Wednesday.  We wanted to wait to see the couch in person before we bought the coffee table, so once it arrived we picked one that went perfectly with the couch and the rug.  The table has a little bit of a Restoration Hardware vibe, but a verrrrry nice price tag.  It was only like $194! A total steal.

I smile every time I open my front door and see our living room set up so pretty.  I’m really happy with how everything came together!  The star of the show is definitely the couch.  Can you believe that we ordered it last Friday and it came on Wednesday?  That is like UNHEARD OF in the couch industry haha.  We got very lucky.  Sara and I were just scrolling through a website and we both saw the couch and at the same time we’re like “OMG!” so that’s when we knew it was the one.  We bought it right then and there, and luckily, with a few discount codes, we ended up saving over $1400.  It was insane!

We were a little bit worried that we wouldn’t have a spot to put our serving cart, but I think it looks great in the corner next to the lamp.  We have a wide space in between the back of the couch and the wall, and we’re debating if we should pull it back a little bit to make the room seem bigger?  What do you guys think?

We’re also going to get a few big Euro pillows to soften up the couch.  We were thinking an oatmeal color.. what color do you guys think would look good?

The beautiful blush pink roses look perfect on the coffee table, and the best part is that they will last a whole year like that!

Below is a list of all of the brands we bought from, and they’re all linked to the product!

couch: West Elm

table: World Market

rug: Loloi

pillows: Loloi

roses: La Fleur

It’s such a good feeling to have a space that you decorated from the floor to the ceiling!  I can already feel the Maria Montazami coming out of me because I’m constantly thinking of ways I can arrange things and redecorate haha.

I want to know what you guys think!!! Leave a comment below!

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