Snapshots from Stockholm!

I weirdly had such a strong connection to this fountain, right outside of our hotel.  It was so beautiful and reminded me of a dandelion!

This was one of our dishes from Punk Royale.  Every dish was a little crazy.  The first course was a scoop of caviar placed on your hand, which you had to eat right before a shot of vodka.  The caviar was the best I’ve ever had, but the bill was sooo expensive.  They didn’t give you a menu so I didn’t have a clue it would be so expensive.  The bill came out to over $400 for 3 people…

One of Lars Wallin’s wedding gowns.  This one was my second favorite, after the strapless lace gown with the bow.

I looked through the current issue of Wedding magazine for some inspo before the photoshoot.  This was my favorite picture from the spread!

Ever since Italy I’ve been in the mood for Aperol Spritz’s when I’m at a bar.  This one wasn’t as yummy as the others I’ve had though!

Swedish meatballs!! I have to order them at least once when I visit.  This trip I had it twice.

That awkward moment when you share the same husband as your sister….. LOL.

A pretty picture from miles and miles above the ground.

The first evening in Stockholm, when we walked around one of my favorite areas in Stockholm, Gamla Stan :)

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Mister French

Hi guys!

So Swedes really know how to day party. We went to Mister French in Stockholm and had brunch before we walked next door to the day party, where are friend Christian Fang played. They went crazy with the smoke bombs and confetti. That's something you don't experience in the daytime in LA haha. We only stayed for a little while, before we went to watch the soccer game with Djurgården. They won 4-1 and I only saw one of their goals haha. I was always looking away or in the bathroom when they scored… so typical!

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Sooo can I get married next week? Haha no but seriously it is so much fun to be a bride. I can only imagine how much better it feels when it's real! We shot for the cover of Wedding magazine under Lifestyle publishing and the entire day felt like an absolute dream. The location was a beautiful castle not too far from the center of Stockholm and we wore Lars Wallin wedding gowns. Does it get any better than that?

Stockholm is treating us so well it makes me want to cry! The people here are so unbelievably sweet :)

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New hair (cut and color), top, and bag!

Also, does anyone else agree that as soon as September 1st hit it instantly became fall weather??? Just like that! But I’m so ready for fall fashion.  I decided I’m going to wear my Doc Martens a lot this season because you can kind of wear them with anything.

tee from Montazami Brand (available on the website soon!) // duster from L’Academie // pants are old from Free People // bag from Evve Milano [here]

We arrived in beautiful Stockholm! We took it easy tonight and walked to Gamla Stan for dinner and then went back home.  We have a big day tomorrow, shooting at a castle for the cover of a bridal magazine!! I am so freaking excited <3 I will bring my camera to take some behind the scenes pictures. Goodnight from a tired ol’ me!

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CX3A4453 copy-2



Today is the official launch date of my cap design collaboration with Hat Attack! I am so in love with the cap.  It’s black with a beautiful white rope and black and gold buttons.  I made sure to choose something that wouldn’t “go out of style” but still keeps up with the current trend.  What do you guys think?!  It is  available to buy here

I would love to hear your feedback <3

Sara and I are just about to board our flight to Stockholm!  We are shooting for the covers of bridal magazines, which is extremely special for me because it will be my FIRST COVER EVER!  I’ve been waiting so long for this and it’s always been a lifelong dream, and now it’s coming true.  I never would have thought it would be with a bridal magazine though 😉

Keep checking the blog for updates about our trip to Sweden!

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Venice just got a little bit better with the addition of a new and hip local breakfast and lunch spot called Great White. Its in prime location, right across from the Venice sign, and surprisingly it's not flooded with tourists…. yet haha. The crowd is all 20 and 30 something year olds and the atmosphere and decor are so on point!

The menu is the real reason why I'm hooked though. Fresh ingredients and healthy options. They've been open for only five days now and I've already been twice! One time for breakfast with Austin and one time with just a book for lunch :)

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A Saturday in Venice

Feelin fly this Saturday afternoon!

Austin's sister Ashli came up from OC to stay with me for the day and night! I hadn't seen her since Hawaii so we had soooo much to catch up on. We just finished up dinner with Austin and now we're headed out in West Hollywood. Happy Saturday my loves!

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..If you guys have ever wondered what my hair looks like straight….

Oh and I went blonder. I told my hairdresser Vanessa to do more of a golden blonde this time, and I'm really happy with the result. I've kind of always said the same thing to her, that I like golden honey tones, but today I suggested we modify the color a little bit to make it brighter and warmer.

What do you guys think? Or maybe I'm the only one that sees the difference haha. In the photo it looks like it goes darker at the ends but I think that was just the flash doing something weird… let me know if you like!

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Sitting on the steps of a building in Rome.  Don’t remember the name but it was beautiful! pants from Agaci Store and top from Kookai Australia


A cute ceramic store in San Gimignano! I really wanted to get an olive oil holder but my luggage was getting too heavy, but of course now I’m home and I regret not getting it.  Classic.


Fontana di Trevi.  I made a wish with a euro :)


This cute little lady who worked at the leather goods shop in San Gimignano! I bought a purse from her for around 200 euro.  It’s really good quality and I’ll have it for many years.


Inside the Coliseum in Rome! I definitely recommend getting a tour guide that can tell you the history behind it, unless you already know.


My tangerine dress and I in Positano.  The night we closed out the club (we had time to kill) and slept on the beach. The dress is from Sisters The Label.


“World’s Best Gelato” store, 5 meters down from another gelato store called “Best Gelato in the World”.  I didn’t know who to believe so I tried both.  I thought this one won.


Sara and I rented a vespa to ride around in Tuscany.  It was scary as shit in Tuscany… I couldn’t even imagine if we did it in Rome!!! (we almost did)


wearing my Montazami Brand scarlet palazzo pants in Tuscany.  Perfect pants for vacation, seriously.  They don’t wrinkle in the suitcase and they’re comfy and chic. Buy the pants here!


another shot inside the Coliseum


Outside our hotel in San Gimignano.  Waking up and having breakfast with the view of beautiful Tuscany felt like a dream.

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Scenes from the Calzedonia Leg Show

OMG words cannot describe how amazing the Calzedonia Leg Show was last night! It was a huge fashion show to preview the Fall Winter 2017 collection of tights and socks, and boy did it get me excited for fall fashion. I will be rocking tons of tights and fancy socks with heels.

I had no idea what it was going to be like since we got barely any details (Sara and I thought we were modeling in the show, if that tells you how clueless we were haha). I didn't know it was going to be that big of a production. There were bloggers from all over the world, and we were part of the Swedish division.

I'm going to try and find professional photos from the show so you guys can see, but until then, go on my Instagram stories and watch before it's too late!

Now we're boarding a flight back to LA. I'm sad to leave, but I will definitely be back to Italy very soon. Ciao!

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