Santa Barbara Girl

Photos by Emilio Sanchez

These photos are so special to me! It has always been my dream to ride horses on a beach and we did just that, and in the sunny hills in Santa Barbara and I couldn’t have been happier. Yes I planned the outfit… I know it’s not your normal horseback riding attire but I knew it would look great in photos! My beautiful white horse was named Gringo, very fitting. He was quite the character though. Eating everything in sight and shitting 24/7 haha. If I could tell you the amount of times I was posing for a photo trying to be cute and Gringo was shooting out poop at the same time… haha

We also went on a hike at Lizards Mouth trail (highly recommended) and we went paddle boarding at the Santa Barbara harbor. We actually managed to squeeze in a lot of fun activities in just two days! The video of our vacation is almost done and I can’t wait to show you guys :)

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Joshua Tree Flashback

Photos by Fabian Wester

So remember back in November when we went to Joshua tree to shoot some photos? Wellll today is the day I got all of the photos believe it or not. Only took 5 months haha.. whatever!

Here’s a sneak peek of our desert shoot with Chimi Eyewear! We went for the retro vibe as you can probably tell. More photos coming!

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My breakfast this morning, Austin sitting on my bed as we wait for our dinner delivery, and a beautiful sunset from our trip to Santa Barbara!

I already feel so much better about my room after doing a serious closet clean out today. I was getting serious anxiety looking at the clothes pile up on my bench (we all have that one chair that is SO not meant for sitting haha) because I’ve ran out of hangers and space in my closet for my clothes. So today I thought enough is enough, I’m going to get rid of the things I don’t wear and actually be strict about it. How many times have we cleaned out our closets and looked at that one top and thought, “oh well maybe I could wear this to a brunch or something” …… 4 years later all it did was stay in the closet and collect dust haha. I got rid of a huge pile of clothes, most either gently worn or still with the tags on. I’m thinking of creating a Poshmark account so I can sell my clothes for cheap? Have you guys used an app like that before? I’ve heard about Poshmark but are there any other apps that I should check out before I sign up? I would love to hear any tips you guys have!

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Sooo I’m leaving LA and I’m gunna go live on a farm and raise chickens for the next ten years. I’m having serious chicken fever after visiting Anna’s new house, that came with 14 beautiful chickens!! Anna is my mom’s assistant who’s basically part of the family, and we’re all so excited about her moving into her new home with her husband Clinton. Seriously though, 14 freakin chickens roaming around freely in the backyard haha. The best part is that they’re so well behaved and they just mosy on around the backyard until it starts to get dark and then they all huddle back into the chicken coop all on their own. Like can you get cuter than that?!!!

I was so excited when Anna said I could adopt a chicken.  I chose this bronzed beauty that you see in the photos above and called her Cosmo. She’s such a diva and I love it. Runs around the backyard like she owns the place. My mom adopted Sideburn and Sara adopted Little Wing. The chicken life is so much fun haha. Now we’ll never have to buy eggs from the grocery store ever again… Anna gets about 10-12 eggs every single day, so she promised to always bring some over for us.  And they are so so delicious! Good eggs come from happy chickens!

What do you guys think of Cosmo?! Isn’t she just the cutest thing?!

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On the Patio

Bikini by Triangl Swimwear // glasses by YHF Los Angeles 

Photos by Emilio Sanchez

Took some time in Santa Barbara to make sure I got some photos in this beautiful one piece bikini! I fell in love with these flowers that were on the patio of my room at the Kimpton Goodland hotel that we stayed at. They smelled so good and gave such a nice color outside the window to look out to :) I was so obsessed with them so I asked my instagram followers if anyone knew what they were called so I could have them in my future backyard, and I guess they’re called the trumpet flower, or angels trumpet flower!

Once I get all of the photos from the photographer I will put together a couple posts about our stay there! The hotel was so accommodating and everything was very thought-out and cutely (is that a word haha) decorated to fit an “old California” vibe. 

Today was my first day back filming Svenska Hollywood Fruar season 11! Feels good to be back. Sometimes the first day can be a little rusty but I don’t think that was the case this time. Now we’re watching Dancing With The Stars by the fire :) Talk tomorrow!

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My First Basketball Game!

Jeans by 1Denim // shoes by Missguided // bag by Strathberry // bodysuit by Nelly // mom’s jacket (its reversible so it doesn’t have a label!)

I finally can say I’ve been to a Laker game! Or just an NBA game in general 😉

The Lakers played the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is one of the best teams in the league right now so it was cool to see them play. Being Austin’s girlfriend for two years made it easy to know every player on the court haha.  I felt so involved.. what a feeling. They were playing so great but the Lakers ended up losing at the last few minutes of the game.

I’m going back to OC tomorrow because we’re filming season 11 of Svenska Hollywood Fruar! Can you believe we’re already on season 11? Where did the time go!

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The Birthday Boy

My love turns 24! Happy birthday to my sugar!!! 

Look how festive Austin’s family made the party for him.. so darn cute haha. We ate traditional Irish corned beef since it was St. Patrick’s Day (and luckily also Austins favorite meal) and a homemade oatmeal cake. So delicious! After dinner we sang karaoke (which I did not partake in, no way haha) and then we went to Bungalow to meet some friends :)

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Lizard’s Mouth Hike

Yesterday we hiked one of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever done! The drive up was so darn beautiful, as you guys might’ve seen from my instagram stories. The view was just breathtaking! We worked up a sweat before we headed down to the Santa Barbara harbor for some afternoon paddle boarding. I can’t wait for the video and all of the photos to be ready so I can show you guys just how magical this trip has been. I don’t want to leave! We’re going to make every last minute count by hanging out by the pool before we go. More pictures later!

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Today was a dream come true for me… like actually. It has always been my dream to ride horses on the beach and today we finally did it! I bonded so well with Gringo, the white beauty of a stallion that you see Austin sitting on above. We are with a crew of about ten people taking videos, photos, and all that good stuff so we can share our trip with you guys. This is more of a behind the scenes look, but the real photos are coming soon :)

We had a fantastic dinner with crafted cocktails and s’mores by the bonfire for dessert. Now we’re off to bed because we have a big day tomorrow!

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dress: Solika // shoes: San Marina // belt: Ivy Revel // bag: Meli Melo // sunnies: YHF Los Angeles // bracelet: Jane and Sophie

How amazing is Austin becoming as a photographer?  Seriously he’s so much better than most photographers I’ve worked with haha.  I think it’s a combination of him just getting it and being able to take good direction from me 😉

Tomorrow we’re heading up to SANTA BARBARA for our two day adventure! It’s going to be me, Sara, Melissa, and Austin up there with an entire film and photography crew working on a video project for the Goodland Hotel (which will be my Youtube channel reboot kick-off video!).  The team sent out the itinerary a few days ago and it got me sooooo pumped.  We have an early start tomorrow, gotta be on the road by 6 am, so I need to finish packing and hop in the shower.  Talk tomorrow :)

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