Sunday Rain

Photo by Ben Staley

It is raining HARD today. I haven’t seen it rain like this here in so many years! 23,000 people lost power, there’s flash flood warnings, and my dad said he saw a bunch of cars in a ditch on the side of the freeway.  It is total chaos!  Feels good to have rain though. Everything is so much greener already.

I’ve just been having a lazy Sunday today because I am SO sick. Like the tissue box next to me is my BFF kind of sick. First it was a headache a few days ago, then a cold, and now it’s a bad cough and a cold.  Probably shouldn’t have gone out last night…. it made it so much worse. But I’m hoping it gets better by tomorrow! 

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black dress by Bardot here (this post is in collaboration with Bardot)

photographer: Ben Staley

I love the darkness in these photos… usually my photos are somewhat “positive” and in the sunlight, so it was nice to turn to the dark side for a bit ūüėČ ¬†Can you believe this was taken at the same location as my “magic” photos? ¬†Just a hop skip and a jump to go from a romantic sunset over the desert road to an eerie setting of a horror film.

Today I’m going down to the OC! ¬†The weather is so much nicer today (it rained yesterday) so I’m hoping it stays like this. ¬†Hope you all are having a happy Saturday…. ¬†talk soon my loves x

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Emma Hulten!

Congrats Emma!  I will be sending you an email very shortly.

Thank you SO¬†much to everyone who entered my New Year giveaway. ¬†I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I loved reading what all of you had to say. ¬†You guys have some pretty awesome new year resolutions! ¬†And just by looking at your responses I can tell that a lot of you guys really value good skin care products, so I will definitely try to do more skincare giveaways! ¬†Even if you didn’t win this time, there is always a chance for my next one! ¬†Stay positive and try your best to keep your resolutions on track. ¬†By the way, I am stealing some of your resolutions to use as¬†my own :)

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27 Miles


IMG_0557-5      IMG_0556-4



Sweater from 27 Miles here!

Went to the ELR Media Group PR showroom today and picked out some cozy sweaters and jackets for Sweden! ¬†We leave on the 2nd of February, and I’m already starting to put together my winter wardrobe.. cuz that sh*t gon’ be COLD. ¬†This one I had to wear out of the showroom because I loved it so much haha. ¬†It’s from a brand called 27 Miles.

Tonight I’m going to see the movie Split! ¬†Have you seen the trailer? ¬†It is about a guy with¬†split personality disorder who kidnaps young girls, and they try to escape by persuading his character when he is not the “kidnapper”. ¬†Looks soooo good and the reviews have been positive too. ¬†I’ll let you know how it is :)

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Hi my loves.

Thanks to those who have entered my¬†New Year Blog Giveaway so far! ¬†If you haven’t already, scroll down to my previous blog post and get your booty on the comment list! ¬†It’s worth over $300 and includes some of my favorite beauty/hair/Montazami Brand products so make sure to check it out! ¬†Literally all you have to do is scroll down a few inches from this post and you’re that much closer to being the lucky WINNER.

I received all of the photos from the shoot I did at Magic Mountain Monday! The photographer’s name is Ben Staley, and he was so nice¬†to work with. ¬†You know it’s a good photoshoot when the “narrowed down” pictures is a folder of 259 images haha.

I love the look and feeling of these photos. ¬†It’s like you can almost feel the sunshine by looking at them. ¬†It was actually quite a windy day (as you can see in my hair) but the sun made my skin¬†feel so warm. We put the¬†MAGIC in Magic Mountain haha.

photography by Ben Staley

boots by Nelly here / body suit by House of Harlow / old fringe sweater

this post is in collaboration with Nelly
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IMG_0480 (1)-1

IMG_0484 (1)-2


IMG_0495 (1)-4

IMG_0500 (1)-5

It’s giveaway time! ¬†We’re already a few weeks into the new year, and I thought what a perfect time for me to treat one of my lovely readers to some of my favorite¬†beauty and lifestyle products! What better way to kick off the year than getting some new goodies to add to your beauty routine?! Below I give you guys a little breakdown of each product:

Charlotte Tillbury Quick N Easy “Daytime Chic” Makeup Kit: the whole idea is that you can do this makeup look in just 5 minutes! ¬†This look is called Daytime Chic, so very glow-y and classy. ¬†And it comes with the cute makeup bag too :)

3 Kiehl’s products! Limited Edition Creme¬†de Corps, Limited Edition Body Butter (smells HEAVENLY), and my personal favorite: UV Defense Sunscreen

Kérastase Ciment Thermique blow-dry hair treatment.  This stuff is seriously amazing!  I put a small amount in my hair after the shower and right before I blow dry it.  It protects your hair from the heat and makes it super slinky and soft.  Definitely one of the best products in the giveaway!

Sara Happ Vanilla Bean lip scrub: ¬†I have been using Sara Happ’s lip balm religiously for the past two weeks, and I’ve never had a lip product be this hydrating! ¬†I have not tried the scrub but if it’s anything like the lip balm, you will be amazed.

Coastal Salt & Soul Ocean Gardenia Bar Soap: The best scent!!!!!

Montazami Brand Avalon Choker: one of my favorites from our choker line….. I will also add a sample of our perfume White Label :)

Valley Cruise iphone 6/6s phone case: look how cute the little plants are!

ALL you have to do to enter is comment below with the following info:

1.  Why you want to win this giveaway basket

2.  Your New Year resolution

Don’t forget to include your name and use a real email so I have a way of contacting you if you won! ¬†Winner will be announced on Friday. ¬†Good luck cuties!

oh and p.s. if you are hesitant to write in English, write your comment in Swedish because I can read it :)

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Montazami Brand White Label fragrance [here] // Skultuna candle lantern [here] 

This is what my dresser looks like! ¬†I’m still waiting to hang the picture of my Din Sko campaign photo, but for now it rests against the wall hehe. ¬†As you can see, the star of the show is my bottle of Montazami Brand White Label perfume. ¬†It’s so good that it needed it’s own little crystal stage haha. ¬†Next to that is my jewelry heart, where I put my rings when I sleep. ¬†And did you notice my pretty little Skultuna lantern? ¬†I put my favorite candle inside to create a glowy effect. ¬†I always need a nice candle in my room to set the mood and fill the air with a fresh scent. ¬†Do you guys like the two lanterns that hang from my ceiling? ¬†I hung them myself, which is why everyday I pray that they will not fall down and shatter haha. ¬†Hang in there!!! Literally.

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Magic Mountain

Today’s location: Magic Mountain! Yes, as in Six Flags Magic Mountain, only we were about 10 minutes away from the theme park in these beautiful hills.  I love shooting at cool locations like these, because it’s such a nice change of scenery! We caught golden hour, my favorite time of day.  Can’t wait to shooooow :) 

ps. working on the YouTube video!

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Shot by Ardy @ardiology

Sundays are for lovers, reflection, quality time, family, rest, and recharging.  All good things that make us able to grow as people! I want to share with you guys the caption I wrote for the Instagram I posted today… I wrote: “reflect back on the past, use it to make you stronger and never stop working towards becoming a better version of yourself”

This year I’m all about improvement.  Learning from past experiences and using that knowledge to grow and improve yourself. There’s always room for improvement! (but that doesn’t mean that something will never be good enough).  Do you guys have a favorite inspirational quote?! I’d love to hear :)

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Oh Happy Days

You know when you just have a GOOD fricken day?! That was me today! Right now I’m in an uber on the way to a soccer event (What is a soccer event you ask? I have no idea either. Sara just said oh we’re going to a soccer event. So yeah I’ll let you guys know how it is) we just left a “Havana Nights” themed house party which was so much fun… complete with a mojito bar and cigar station.  Do I look Cuban with my button down shirt and gold chain? Haha I tried. Hope all of you have a good weekend! xx

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