Does it look like Pinterest just threw up on my blog?  Yeah?  Well it might as well have! Pinterest is the bestttt for locking down your theme and visualizing your design ideas.  It’s so easy to just fall in love with something that does not go with the rest of your apartment, and then you end up with nothing that flows.  I always catch myself wanting things that do not align with the theme we’re going for, and it just helps me to follow a strict decor while being able to add our own personal touch.

So what is our theme, according to this mood board?

I would say Moroccan meets industrial, meets modern, with gold and silver details.  I think that’s the best way to describe it?  Maybe it’s not so good that my theme has 5 themes, but whatever, it’s what we want!

Shopping for an apartment is HARD.  You want to find the perfect couch, the most unique coffee table, a good rug, etc. all while trying to find the best price for each.  Just an FYI it’s not as easy to find stuff when your 1. picky and 2. on a budget.  You have to DIG and then dig DEEPER for the perfect piece for each space.  I’ve been doing a lot of research online and in stores, and it’s crazy how different the prices can range for the same item.

On our To Buy List:

  • a couch (we were thinking a sandy colored sectional)
  • a large rug for the living room (unless we use the rug we had in our old apartment, haven’t decided yet)
  • coffee table (somewhat industrial, wooden, unique)
  • dining table chairs
  • plants galore (tall plants!  Like fiddle leaf fig trees and other large leaf plants)
  • poofs!  Do you guys like the Moroccan little poofs that you place around the couch for extra seating?  I think they could look so cute!

What We Have Bought:

  • new TVs (thank goodness.  we had actual dinosaur TVs from the 1800s. I was talking about mounting it on my new wall and Austin was like NO you’re not bringing that into this apartment haha)
  • new dining table
  • a wooden dish holder/stand (like you see in the photos above)

What do you guys think of our overall theme(s)?  I think it will really come together nicely. I would love to hear you’re input!


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Bondi Harvest

Tried a new breakfast place in Santa Monica today! A definite recommend. They were playing great oldies music and the atmosphere (along with the food) was so on point. I got the Bondi Breakfast and Austin got the Frieg Egg Sandwich, and we both tried some smoothies!

The dish we really wanted to try were the sweet squash pancakes (they looked heavenly) so we will order those next time when we come back.

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Guess who's the new owner of a 55 inch flat screen beauty! I bought one today at Costco because I needed a little upgrade from my last TV. It was kind of a dinosaur and I thought why not get a new TV for the new place. I'm so excited to mount it up on the wall!

I'm happy I had Austin with me because he knew about all of the technical stuff. Once I actually bought it I think he was more excited than me haha :)

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Ahhhhh what was I doing living in LA all this time and not going to the Beverly Hills Hotel?! It was my FIRST time there yesterday for the Montazami Brand photoshoot and I completely fell in love with the hotel and now want to live there when I'm older haha. It's so beautiful!

There was an art installation which we had been invited to come take pictures with so we used it as part of our photoshoot and I think it's going to turn out amazing. It's a secret project so I can't tell you exactly what it is just yet, but you will now very soon :)

On Thursday night I went to the Revolve Social Club to celebrate the launch of Ren Active (Alexis Ren's new activewear line) and went to one of the best restaurants afterwards called Bestia. It's very difficult to get a reservation so Austin had booked it two weeks before and we ate at 9:30. It was SO good. Italian place with homemade ingredients and great service. It's in downtown and kind of out of the way but it was definitely worth the drive for us. It was a tad bit expensive too but you really get what you pay for!

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A Visit from Maggie

Trippy pic…. it turned out all dizzy because the phone died at the same time that I took the photo haha

Dogs can be so therapeutic. I swear they don't have a mean bone in their body. They are just animals filled with so much love and support. I had a really hard time with work today, and Maggie here was the one to cheer me up after a very long day.

Maggie is our neighbor's dog who looooves to stop by, say hi, ask for snacks, and check on everything in our apartment. She'll walk into each room and sniff the furniture, just cruising around as she pleases. I need to go to the pet store asap and buy some treats for her so I can be the cool neighbor. There's another dog (who looks just like my dog Copper) named Chloe that lives in the building so she can come for some treats too :) Pretty soon a whole neighborhood of dogs will be lining up at the door waiting for some snacks! Now that is my dream haha.

Ps. The cozy sweater I'm wearing above is from Minkpink!

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Enter My All Out Summer Giveaway!


Did you guys see my huge Summer giveaway that I posted today on my Instagram?! If not, go check it out if you're interested in possibly being the lucky winner of 5 new hot items to add to your closet!


  • A new (just released) tee from Montazami Brand
  • Maria necklace from Montazami Brand
  • Donna Mizani Kendall dress
  • Donna Mizani black bikini
  • Gucci sunglasses

All of these items are pictured above. Cute, right?


Just go to my latest Instagram post (the one with the red dress) and follow the directions I listed there! It is super easy and totally worth it. You can enter as many times as you want and there's even a bonus entry, wink wink 😉

(Unfortunately this is an Instagram contest only)

Also, would love to hear your thoughts on the new Dillon Tee (pictured above) that we launched today on the Montazami Brand website! We loooove it. What do you think? See it here


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A scene from the photoshoot I did with Stitch and Feather in Hollywood Hills, shot by Raul Sparza

I’m so exhausted. Mentally and physically.  There’s 5 million things I need to get done and each thing I accomplish doesn’t even feel good because I know I have so far to go.  Today was the first time I considered a trip to the gym “me” time.  Now I know how moms must feel lol.

As soon as I’m done unpacking, things will feel a lot smoother around here.  I’m currently dodging boxes and furniture just to get to the other side of my room.  But now there’s only 1 (extra large) moving box left!  It’s filled with clothes.. which I’m not too happy about.  I’ve already filled up my closet to a comfortable capacity so it looks like I’m going to have to get rid of more clothes to make room for the others.

I have a whole car filled with trash bags and boxes with my giveaway items in it.  I wish you guys were in-person and not online for a second so I could just give you guys all of my stuff haha.  There’s seriously so much good stuff that I’m saying bye to!  Shoes, new and old clothes, new hair and skin products, etc. But instead I will take it to Buffalo Exchange and then donate the rest to charity like usual!

 SF-388      SF-394



Well, like I said, I’m running on empty so I need to get to bed! It’s a good thing my TV is not hung up on the wall yet so I will have to go straight to sleep :))

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HERE IT IS! My beautiful new home.

As you guys know I moved in the day before I left for Maui so I haven’t really gotten a chance to unpack boxes and start organizing and decorating.  I’ve been so anxious to start on this new project.  I’ve always had a passion for interior design so I’m especially excited that Sara and I got rid of a lot of our furniture to start new with a different, fresh design.

The apartment is light and airy, with tons of windows and natural light.  Hardwood floors and high ceilings throughout (which were both a big bonus for us).

The top three priorities we had when apartment hunting were: bright, natural light, good neighborhood/location, and spacious closet space.  While Sara’s closet was not as big as she wanted/needed, it seemed to really fit our list.  In our old apartment, it was facing a way where the sun couldn’t shine past 1 pm, so everything was always so dark and depressing.  And we didn’t have any sense of community living in that big apartment complex.  Now, it couldn’t be more opposite.  We’re so much happier in our sunlit place, and our neighbors are the nicest people ever.  I feel bad because we’ve been so busy and we’ve had to say no to the BBQ’s that they invite us to, but there will be plenty of time for that soon :)

My favorite things about this apartment:

1.  MY CLOSET.  Finally I found a place that can (almost) house all of my clothes and shoes.

2.  The living room.  I like how we have a bigger living room and smaller kitchen.  This means more space to entertain.  Now we can have people over, make drinks at the wet bar, and sit around the couch listening to music or watching TV.

3.  The location!!!! Steps from the beach, steps from all of the action.  I’m so looking forward to hanging up my car keys and only using my bike all weekend.

So, obviously there is no furniture in any of these photos because I wanted you guys to see what it looks like before we decorated.  Like I mentioned before we are going for a rustic/beachy/clean (not cluttered) Moroccan vibe.  The color scheme will focus on bright whites, dark woods, black, and gold.  We will have tons of plants, and comfy furniture.  Should I post my inspo board here on the blog?

Let me know what you guys think of my new apartment!


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Today’s Location

The house we shot at today was straight GOALS. Served on a shiny silver platter. It was one of the nicest houses I’ve ever stepped foot in. They paid so much attention to detail when they built this house. Every room had a unique feature or piece that made you just drop your jaw when you entered!

It’s my moms friends house who lives nearby my parents in OC. We had a photoshoot for Montazami Brand, which I cannot wait to tell you guys about. Exciting things are happening this fall season… :)

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Back Home!

After a full day of travel we are finally back home in our own bed! Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight… talk tomorrow :)

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