When you want to stand out at the holiday party, wear rainbow pants.  LOL.

Do you guys see a familiar face in one of the photos?  Lives in Venice Beach perhaps?!  Yep, it’s Julia from our Venice Beach series!  Since we met in Stockholm, we’ve seen each other a few times (both here and in Sweden) and she’s seriously the nicest.  We got along so well the second we met.  I’m happy the show brought us together.  Speaking of the show, we’re nearing the end of the season!  It’s gone by so fast.  Have you guys enjoyed the episodes?

Click here to watch Venice Beach!


photos by Claire Huntsberger

Hi friends 🙂

It’s exactly 1 week until Christmas!  Crazy, right?  Most people I talk to say it creeped up on them so fast this year, but I feel like I’ve been celebrating for months because I got in the Christmas spirit EARLY.  Like, day after Thanksgiving early.  I love the holidays, can you tell?!

Last week Sara and I were invited to an event with Chinese Laundry, the shoe brand we’re all wearing in these photos.  We arrived at Blushington to get our makeup done (as part of the event) and we were greeted with champagne and a customized pink silk robe with our names on it.  It was so sweet.


White Elephant

Hi guys 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! Friday I had work being the model for a hair tutorial photo shoot with a celebrity hairdresser (which is why you see me wearing my hair in this perfect ponytail haha).  My hair had so much hairspray in it, it was CRUNCHY!

Rudy was up in LA for the weekend, so we went to some holiday white elephant parties together. Each person who got my gifts loved them! For the first night I got a biker starter kit: a U-lock for your bike, a biker magazine, and ugly biker sunglasses.  For the second party I gave a holiday edition bottle of Grey Goose (people loved that too haha).  The second party was a potluck with my neighbors, so I brought homemade Swedish glögg with the raisin and almond fixins’ and ginger snaps 🙂 It was a hit!


Swimsuit: Andie Swim // hat: Brixton

Hi babes!

Palm Springs was nothing short of amazing. What was such a last minute decision turned into such a fun girls/work trip!  The hotel we stayed at is called La Serena Villas, and it’s located right off of the Main Street of downtown Palm Springs.  Great location, cute decor (amazing for photos and shooting content), and the nicest staff ever! It’s such a great hotel recommendation for the Palm Springs area.  Staying there for Coachella would be EPIC.

These photos make me want to go makeup free more often.  All I’m wearing here is some tinted moisturizer, eyebrow gel, a touch of mascara, and lip color. I think it looks so fresh faced! Thoughts?


Hi guys!

Here are some screen grabs from today’s episode of Venice Beach!  I can’t believe we are already on episode 11!  On this episode, Sara and I dabble in speaking Swedish (when you watch, please take note on how I pretty much only know food words haha) and Sara and I make a visit to our eyebrow salon, Kelly Baker Brows.


On another note….

I made the last minute plan to go to Palm Springs for a girls work trip this week!  I’m going with my two blogger girlfriends Payton and Claudia (and Sara might come too) and we’re staying at a cute luxury boutique hotel.  We’re going to shoot a ton of content / collabs we have at the moment and just enjoy the staycation!


Hi guys <3

How you doin?  I kind of forgot how hectic everything gets around the holidays.  Work is busier, there’s gifts to buy, the decorating, etc.  Not to mention all of the extra gym time I should be making time for after all of my sinful holiday treat eating! I’ve been surrounded by cookies, gingersnaps, cake, bread, you name it.  It’s just harder to say no during this time of year, ya know?  Maybe because it’s cold outside and all you want to do is wear comfy clothes, sit on the couch and eat something yummy 🙂

Besides all the treats, I’ve also been enjoying dressing up festive.  I got a ton of cute Calzedonia tights recently that I’ve been pairing with black dresses, skirts, and oversized sweaters.  It instantly puts together the look!

dress: Free People // tights: Calzedonia [click here] // shoes: Naturalizer [on sale, click here!]

Sunday Things

Heres what our Sunday looked like! Rudy’s parents got their tree delivered today so he took the opportunity to get a little Christmas marketing content for the company he works for, Laguna Fin.  He put a bunch of fins in the pool and under the tree to show customers that it makes a great Christmas gift 🙂 Look how cute he looks in his little wetsuit!!

We just finished watching Snowden…. have you guys seen it? It makes you really think about how much technology/government is surveilling us.  I get so weirded out when I see an ad on my phone about something I was just talking about ten minutes ago! It’s a strange feeling for sure.


Tonight we babysat Rudy’s little niece Stella! She is the cutest thing ever 🙂 The middle photo is her face when Rudy told her I was coming over… sooooo cute.

We ate Mac n cheese, watched Small Foot (amazing movie for kids that’s also funny for adults, highly recommend), and then we snuggled on the couch.  We were the cool babysitters and let her stay up past her bedtime hehe.  She had us wrapped around her little finger!

Holiday Baking

We baked DREAMMMMM cookies! My favorite! We always make them around the holidays, so this was fun to do together with my mom 🙂

For those who’ve never tried, dream cookies are sugary, crumbly, melt in your mouth cookies.  They’re Swedish!

I think this time our oven was too hot because they became a bit crunchy on the bottom, but they still tasted amazing.


my ride or dies.  I mix it up & mix and match for different occasions.

BUT FIRST, let’s talk primer.  It depends what look I’m going for, but I usually switch off between these two primers.  I use the Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow usually in the daytime and when I want a summery, glowy look.  The Dermalogica hydrablur primer is quickly my new favorite makeup product.  The name suits it perfectly– it makes your skin look very matte and it ”blurs” your pores and fine lines, which I use for photoshoots and my night time looks.

SO, let’s get into what I actually use for what, shall we?

On my DRESSED UP DAYS (meetings, events, photoshoots) I use a mix of my Dior foundation and the Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer.  I squeeze them both on my hand and blend with the beauty blender.  It’s perfect for the daytime because using half tinted moisturizer doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing heavy foundation, but you still get the coverage.  Then I do a light brush of my Laura Mercier sheer candleglow powder (after concealer) to put a nice finishing touch on it.

On my NORMAL DAYS [most days] (running errands, out & about, working,) I use the tinted moisturizer.  If I happen to need extra help that day, I’ll add in a little bit of the Tom Ford foundation.

On my GOING OUT NIGHTS I use mostly my Dior foundation with a tiny bit of my Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer (just a tad).  Then I use concealer (should I do a post on my concealers too?) and follow with the Laura Mercier powder.