Hi guyssss :)

As a blogger I get a lot of questions about anything and everything across the board, from makeup to my travels to my everyday life, but one question I see time and time again is HOW DO I BECOME A BLOGGER?!  Well not really but I get asked if I have any tips for beginner bloggers or girls who are kinda sorta on the fence about starting a blog but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. And the answer is YES.  I got tips and I’m here to share them.

So if you’ve just dipped your toes in the whole blogging world or if you’re still on the fence but haven’t quite decided yet, this post is for you.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is DO NOT be intimidated by the amount of bloggers in this world, and don’t think of yourself as “just another blogger” because if you think that, why wouldn’t everyone else?  The key is to be confident about what you’re doing and let people know who you are and what you’re trying to do.

Side note: Everyone’s doing every job, so blogging is not the only field that has a ton of people trying to be a part of it.

Don’t be intimidated by the overwhelming amount of people who want to be bloggers.  If you’re dedicated and passionate about it, you’ll find your way :)

One tip I have is to

be organized.

Before you do anything make a chart of what topics and categories you mainly want to cover on your blog, and then make subcategories with different ideas.  Once you have that, start to build your website (I hear Blog Doo is really good at building cute and aesthetically pleasing blogs, but there are others too so maybe do some research on that.  Or if you know how to do it yourself then that’s even better!). I would make the design represent who you are.  And maybe come up with a cool blog name?!  Or just use your name like I do hehe.
I would write a good amount of blog posts before you mention you’re starting a blog publicly, and once you’re ready and your instagram is set up the way you want it, then make the big announcement!  Announce it everywhere you can.
And not just a “hey I have a blog” more like a

“HEY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I’ve decided to take my love for fashion/cooking/fitness/etc. to the next level and start a blog, where I will be posting my daily looks/recipes/fitness guides/etc. for you guys to enjoy!  Please check it out and give it a read!! <3″

Step three (are we even on step 3? haha) is reaching out to brands/companies/restaurants etc. for collaborations.  But just a warning they probably will be hesitant to gift out pieces from their collection/or free meals, etc. until you have a steady following of 15-20 k on insta (this is totally a ball park guess and obviously anything can happen at any stage of your following) and a certain amount of blog readers per month.  Until then you can just be creative with whatever you have! And once you reach a certain benchmark of following you can start to monetize your posts and request fees.
Step four is consistency! Do it every day, if not 2-3 times a day.  People love a blog that stays updated.  It does get hard at times because you don’t want to dilute your blog with “fluff” but just make sure to make every post slightly interesting to keep them coming back and wanting more.  And no matter what type of blog you’re thinking of starting, I highly recommend including writing in your posts.  They have way higher engagement than posts sans writing.
Thanks to my blog reader Alyssa for inspiring me to write this post!  You guys are the reason I love what I do and I can’t thank you guys enough.
Hope this was of help!! Best of luck to all of you that are thinking of starting a blog.  It would be so fun if you guys listed your blogs below so I can check them out!
Did I miss anything?  Yeah most likely haha.  Comment below if you thought of something that I missed.
All photos are from our recent trip to Santa Barbara in February! We stayed at the Kimpton Goodland Hotel and had so much fun horseback riding, paddle boarding, hiking, and exploring SB.
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First of all I love how this outfit exudes power and confidence for this post… very convenient.  Today we’re talking about girl power.  GIRL BOSSES. Because we all should aspire to be one, no matter what field we’re in!

I first want to clarify that when I talk about a “girl boss” I’m not only talking about a woman working in the office inside a high skyscraper building, surrounded by 50+ employees.  Girl bosses can be anywhere and everywhere, and in all different types of fields. As a food blogger, a manager, artist, mom, chef, designer, LITERALLY ANYTHING!



I get inspired all the time, especially in my field of work.  Being a blogger and owner of a women’s clothing line I’ve had the chance to meet so many amazing women who are doing things that I hope to do one day.  Whether it’s at a “meet the designer” event, a blogger brunch celebrating the launch of a new brand, or from simple networking, I’m meeting girl bosses EVERYWHERE.

Yesterday Sara and I went to a high tea soireé at Thale Blanc, a beautiful handbag store on Melrose Place, and we were lucky to meet the designer, Deb, who spoke a little about her brand and its’ mission.  She started The Happy Project, which is a fun little project created with the goal of spreading happiness and helping out a child’s life through the Make A Wish Foundation.

Another girl boss I’ve met that has had a lasting impression on me is Ramy Brook, who owns the Ramy Brook clothing line.  I went to her blogger brunch and she spoke about her story and how she came to where she is now, and as a clothing line owner myself I was just trying to take as many notes as possible.  I like hearing how successful people came to where they are now, especially if their in my line of work!



A lot of bloggers that I follow, who have now become my friends, are sources of inspiration every day!  And the best part about it is that I don’t even have to hangout with them to get that inspo when I need it, I can just hop on their blog haha.  Now isn’t that convenient 😉

My ultimate G.B. role model? My mama!  She is seriously killing it.  I admire her for how gracefully she has handled herself on Swedish Hollywood Wives and how she’s turned herself into the ultimate entrepreneur, all while juggling mom duties with a zillion other things.  GOOOO MOMMMMMM.

I like to think of myself as a girl boss, but I definitely have my moments where I feel confused and overwhelmed.  But that’s normal, we all go through those moments.  It’s all about getting out of that slump and getting back on your feet stronger than yesterday.

Who are some Girl Bosses that inspire you?


pants: Storets // top: Kookai Australia // shoes: Tony Bianco // astrology bag: Thale Blanc // H necklace: Dana Seng Jewelry // charm necklace: Tai Jewelry // bangle: Washed Ashore Adornments

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Hi guys!

Wheeeeesh busy day today.  I’ve been working non-stop since this morning (it’s now 11:33 pm) and I’m so ready for my cozy bed!  BUT before I catch my zzz’s I need to give you guys the good news.

There’s a DRESS SALE happening at Montazami Brand!

Need a dress for graduation?  A wedding?  or just a casual dress for spring?  Go shop our styles and get 15% off our entire dress collection.  You guys do not want to miss this because it’s not going to last forever…. it’s only a three day sale, and then the prices go back up.  If you’ve been eyeing the beautiful Sofia dress (the one I’m wearing above), any of the Palma Dresses, or any of our other cute styles, now would be the time to get it!  I’m all about smart shopping :)

All you have to do is enter code SPRING at checkout


the sale ends 4/28

tootaloo baby loves!

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Are You Meshing With Me?!


mesh top: Storets // under top: Kookai Australia // jeans: Shop Redone // bag: Mansur Gavriel // shoes: Zadig & Voltaire // necklace: Tai Jewelry // sunnies: Quay Australia


It’s Monday Monday Monday and I’m feelin’ better better BETTER!  Got LOTS of energy today… maybe there was a little too much sugar in my smoothie this morning? Hehe.

Before I say anything I wanted to thank you guys for your great ideas and recommendations of topics you want to read about here on the blog!  I got quite a wide variety of topic ideas which is great.  I’m sort of going to mix it all up every few days so we can keep it fun and interesting.  Like I’ll touch on topics about my relationship with Austin and my thoughts on cosmetic changes in one week, and mix that in with my usual everyday posts and other stuff.  And then I’ll keep bringing in new topics each week.  Sound good?  K YEAH!  I’m excited.  And obviously a lot of the topics require more than one post so it will be sort of a series overtime, mixed in with other topics.

Sara and I made a MAJOR decision today in the car on our way home from our meeting.  As you guys know we’ve been living in Playa Del Rey in a cozy little apartment with a balcony and pool view.  Well it’s almost been two years and our lease is up in July, so we need to start thinking of our future living plans.  We kind of want to get the hell out of this apartment (I feel bad saying that bc it’s such a cute apartment) because we can’t walk anywhere, we’re missing out on the feeling of a “community”, and the kitchen is so dark and there’s not a lot of natural light.

We feel like it’s the right time to move to……….


I mean let’s be honest I’m ALWAYS there, it’s so beautiful, and there is a really good community feeling down there.  Right now I’m about 12 minutes away from Venice so it won’t be much of a move, but I feel like it will make a huge difference.  I recently got a bike, which I haven’t even had the pleasure of riding yet, and I would love to just hop on and ride around town!  I’ll still be close (maybe even closer?!) to Austin, which will really help once he goes to law school in the fall because he’ll be so busy.  It just makes the most sense for Sara and I and I’m so happy we came to the decision!  Santa Monica and West Hollywood were the other locations in question but we decided against it.

I’m so excited! I’m going to be a Venecian :)

I just downloaded some apartment rental apps and I’ve found some really good options so far.  I think it’s a little too early to look though.  Maybe once we have a month or two left in our lease.

I’m looking forward to bringing you guys along for my apartment hunting adventure!

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Not Feeling 100%

Bleh. I’m so exhausted and I feel like crap! I don’t know what it is… it’s hard to eat that much of anything before I get a massive stomach ache and become nauseous.  At first I thought it was just really bad cramps (bc it’s that time of the month) but I’ve never really had it like this.  It feels like overwhelming exhaustion and nausea. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Hope all of you guys had a great Sunday<3. I went to brunch with Austin and then went to Barnes and Noble to pick out a new book! I picked The Brain, which is an informational book all about the brain and what it does, and The Devil in the White City, which is a tale of two men, one an architect and one a murderer, living in Chicago at the time of the Great Worlds Fair in 1893.  Both are different from my usual reads but I’m excited to get started on them! I cracked open the Devil in the White City today at the pool and got a good start.  I can already tell it’s going to take me a bit more time to read this one just because of the way it’s written but I’m so ready for the challenge.  Are you guys reading any good books at the moment??

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Beach Day

This is what California days look like! Cooler in hand, sunshine, and sand in the toes :)

Right now Austin and I are ordering Pho to his apartment.  He just ordered these nice ceramic bowls (that are perfect for pho) with ramen spoons from Amazon.

Now we’re gunna watch our favorite show Impractical Jokers, have you guys seen it??

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A Little Friday Delight!

emails: CHECK
photoshoot: CHECK

Haha I thought there would be a longer checklist but that’s pretty much all I did today besides eat. I was going to hit the gym in the morning but once you open one email, you get stuck there for hours!  My photoshoot was local (hallelujah!!!) so I grabbed my favorite healthy treat once I was done.  I was craaaaaving this concoction: frozen greens next to chocolate and vanilla swirl, with shredded coco, mini dark chocolate chips, raspberries, and sliced almonds! Their “frozen yogurt” is just like a healthy juice but it’s frozen…. genius right?  It’s from Pressed Juicery by the way.  They’re all over LA but not every location offers the freeze section hehe.

What are you guys up to tonight? Austin and I are doing date night! After this post I’m going to Yelp a restaurant for us to go to.  Austin has made me the biggest yelper haha. Ok that sounds weird I’m gunna go now.


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Last Day of Filming this season of SHF

Yesterday we wrapped up this season of Swedish Hollywood Wives! Those six weeks flew by so fast.  I feel like March and April always go by so fast because it’s such a busy time for work, but this time it was REALLY quick, anyone with me on that?!

After filming I took Austin to one of my favorite lunch spots in Laguna Beach called The Deck, which is literally right on the sand with great atmosphere and food.  We ordered way too much (one of Austin’s unfortunate habits) but it was nice to sit there and look out at the ocean :)

It’s been a week of playing catch up and every time I finish something on my checklist I smile a little bigger.  


I want to whip up a few specialized blog posts on topics that you guys are interested in reading about. Leave a comment below with your topic of choice! It can be anything from my at home tanning ritual, my thoughts on boob jobs, beauty tips, my relationship with Austin, literally anything! I’m in the works of a juicy blog post right now but it’s always fun when I hear an input from you guys… talk soon!

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Hi babes!

Woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. Thank goodness.

I wanted to share this festival look with you guys… total black leather Mad Max vibes. When I was coordinating my Coachella looks, all I kept saying was Mad Max this and Mad Max that haha. This look was definitely the closest I ever got to it!

The top and shorts are from Lioness, boots from Doc Martens, sunniest from Chimi Eyewear, and bag from Tiger of Sweden

Today Austin and I are off to OC together to be apart of our last day of filming for Swedish Hollywood Wives! Another “wife” is coming over to my parents house and we’ll be doing something special. I’ve been filming quite a bit this season so I’ll definitely post the episodes on the blog when they air :)

Now our coffees are ready at Starbucks and we’re about to hit the road!

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Twilight Skirt

Skirt: Storets // top: Fifteen Twenty // boots: Matisse // choker: Missguided // high-waisted undergarment: East n West Label

Hiiiiiiii guys!

So I hate how it takes like three days to get back to normal after Coachella. I’ve just been feeling like crap ever since yesterday.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign that I had a sore throat a few days before Coachella weekend. Now after lack of sleep and dust in my ears, throat, and lungs, I feel like laying in bed all day…. like until Friday. BUT that’s out of the question so let’s not even daydream about that! This girl’s got work to do.

Hmmm let’s see… what can I do to put my recovery process into hyper speed? I’m thinking about booking a massage… or trying cupping? Not sure if I’m down for those bruises though!

But guess who came to visit today?! My mom came up to LA and we filmed at our apartment. Talk about forcing that hangover away! It was super stressful to make sure everything was clean because we got back at 8 pm last night, but it was kind of a blessing in disguise because now everything is spic and span and I got to see my mom :) Tomorrow’s our last day of filming Swedish Hollywood Wives season 11 so we’re going to lunch with the film crew right now for a little bonding time!

Talk soon xx

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